First draft of alpha story released

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To boost the gameplay on HWS I created a kind of Roleplay to it. It is not only because of the long term fun but also very important due the new game changes in alpha…

Alpha Story
… can’t … spoiler …


How factions work?
There are five factions which keeping the Universe in balance. If you want to be in one of these factions you need the first initial letter of the factions at the end of your Abbrev or at least the full name of it in your faction name.


RBA = ROR Bear Alliance -> this faction has an “A” in the Abbrev on last position AND “Alliance” in the name which is the best
RBC = ROR Beach Alliance -> this faction has no “A” in the Abbrev BUT “Alliance” in the name which is minimum required

FPP = Fancy Power Pirates -> this faction has an “P” in the Abbrev on last position AND “Pirate” in the name which is the best
FF3 = Free Freedom Pirates -> this faction has no “P” in the Abbrev BUT “Pirate” in the name which is minimum required
So in short: use L, A, P, B or T at the last position of your Abbrev.

Remember: 3 characters for Abbrev and 20 characters for the name are allowed.


The lawless faction is in the first place a faction for people who didn’t read this story or just don’t care what I have worked on for so long. The lawless people do not know any rules or guidelines. They do what they want, building bases / ships everywhere and just try to survive. This can be good but also bad. As soon as they break rules the Alliance will chase them and punish them. Either by have war with them or in hard cases banning them to Elemental Prison. Lawless guys are like aliens… as long as they fly / run - shoot at them.


The alliance faction are called the “good” guys. They follow always the rules and punish people who doesn’t. They also have some guidelines:

[li] never attack other alliance factions[/li]
[li] Never shoot first[/li]
[li] can have bases everywhere[/li]
[li] be a guardian for Trading Outpost[/li]
[li] help new / weak player by protecting / taxi service / etc.[/li]
[li] observing / reporting rule breaker to the admins (just type in chat: “Server report”. We will get in touch with you then asap[/li]
[li] announcing bounty hunter jobs in communication with the server[/li][/ul]

[size=150]Bounty Hunter[/size]

The bounty hunter faction is a sneaky well organized faction which has no ethos. They can hunt good and bad people. Just people who give the most profit. The profit will be announced by the server or the alliance from time to time. It can be to attack player X or POI Y. The reward for doing those jobs are quite high. In the meantime they have following guidelines:
[li] attacking other bounty hunter factions or beginner will reduce the reputation points of your faction[/li]
[li] you get reputations and EC for complete jobs successfully[/li]
[li] the more reputation points you have the better jobs / rewards you get[/li][/ul]


The pirate faction is a selfish but proud faction. They don’t care from whom they stealing stuff but they do it with joy. In order to survive they need to steal and make allys with other pirates. But their proud binds them to following guidelines:
[li] stealing from people without killing them. Always focus the core first[/li]
[li] never steal from other pirate factions[/li]
[li] focus more on building orbital bases / ships rather than building planetary bases[/li][/ul]


The trader faction is one of the most underestimated faction in human history. As soon as someone needed help Traders are always there and provide you stuff. They can be your life insurance. To preserve this monopol they have following guidelines:
[li] never attack other trader factions[/li]
[li] provide help as soon as possible if some is stuck because of CAN’T SPOILER…[/li]
[li] have full permissions about the Trading Outpost (can call alliance faction if the Trading Outpost is not save)[/li]
[li] can be paid to bring out a jailed person[/li]
[li] focus more on building planetary bases and big cargo ships[/li]
[li] focus on mining and building to sell people ships / stuff[/li]
[li] trader factions are paid with protection and one warp per day per successful [/li][li] trade with other players[/li][/ul]

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