Flying base after placing the blueprint

This is a picture of my base, I made a blueprint of it and spawned it somewhere else… but it is kinda flying, any way to fix this? or can a admin please help me with this?
Thanks in advance!

I do this all the time bud it’s a common occurrence best advice is practice placing the BP in creative prior to bringing it in game also make the ground as lvl as possible, in this instance I would simply add stilts or use the filler tool to raise the ground. If the BA is situated on a starter also it will wipe come Friday

ah ty, yh I will try to raise the ground then will be a hell of a job for tomorrow though lol, cuz this looks kinda unstable xD Half of my ramp towards my platform already collapsed when I tried to remove one block xD

I usually build 15-20 block tall stilts, it just makes getting everything buried and supported so much easier. It’s easiest to lengthen the support beams by spawning the base in space and modifying it there in creative.

could try that yeah, My landing platform is like that, though my little base and garden house thingy will be a different story. maybe I’ll deconstruct the base tomorrow or make the ground higher but I think that will take more time

We can move it. Just give me details.
Name/ID and Playfield

ANd you might have been online when i do it to veryfiy it.

oh that would be really nice if you could do this for me. ingame name is Monar, same as here and the base is on comet7. I don’t know if and how it is possible to get the exact coöridinates though. I will be online from this moment.