Food rotting in powered BA fridges, also plants dying

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What happened:
=> I made a base on a faction planet, ever since I first laid the base the food in my fridges has rotted. the fridges are powered, the base is powered and on, its happening in multiple fridges in the same base, I can watch the spoil timers go down while I am still in the base. I have tried pulling up the fridges and placing completely new ones, the results are the same. It seems that fridges in ships parked in the base work like normal, only the base fridges appear affected. It’s really annoying.

Also, my plants keep dying as soon as I log off. It seems as long as I am in the playfield the plants are fine, the garden is air tight, has O2, has appropriately spaced lights/plots, and the plants will grow and bear produce up until I log off and then they all die? What the heck is the deal?

Thanks for any help,

Player(s) with issue:
=> Dark Warrior


Time (cb:time):

=> Trikru

Structure Name(s):
=> The Lonely Mountain

Structure ID(s):
=> 8056751

How can we help you now:

If you are running solarpower only you may run out of solarpower in solar capasitors night time. Be sure to have enough generator power and fuel in tanks. The fuel level will indicate if you ran out of solarpower. Things like multiple constructors or furnaces will drain solar capasitor in no time at nights. When you log off turn off things you dont need.

If you are constructing something on constructors the power in the fridges may cut due to lack of generator power or solarpower on peak consuption time even if its running smoot while not constructing etc

Thanks for the reply Lord,

I have three large gens and 3 teir 3 fuel cells so I have power augmented by solar power. I keep my furnaces off as well as my constructors. I think the base itself may be bugged

Plants were always a tricky thing.
Not sure why they are dying… once we found a reproducible case we will fix it together with Eleon.
Thanks for the report.

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