Forgot to change SV to faction access before cb:reset

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Did a cb:reset, forgot to make my SV accessible by our faction, now it’s sitting in our hangar but no one can access it, despite my character having the same name
Player(s) with issue: leavitodeaver
Server: North America
Time (cb:time): 8 August 2018 3:42
Playfield: Paragon
Structure Name(s): Bumbleslut
Structure ID(s): Can’t access P menu to find out
How can we help you now: If an admin could come grant me access to the ship or just switch it to faction owned, that would be much appreciated. Thanks much

Hey @leavitodeaver

thanks for the ticket.
I set the structure to V-R and to private (you), just in case if anything works while you are offline.
Due DSL it might not work.
If it didn’t work, please let me know if you are near the structure and I map it instant to you.

Tip: if you are near the structure and point with your cursor to it, open the console and type “di” + hit enter.
Then you see any ID of structures in front of you at the top center.

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