[Forum CSS Bug] Reply form. Wrong background/text color

With light theme i cant see my message in reply form. Background and text have both black color. Same on FF and Webkit.

Text is:
#reply-control .contents .d-editor-input { color: #222; }

and background is:
html.dark,html.dark body,html.dark .user-main .user-content,body .boxed.white,#reply-control .wmd-controls .d-editor-input,#reply-control .wmd-controls .d-editor-preview { background-color: #10161d ; }

Maybe iam wrong, but we dont need this style for background.

Oha, thanks!
You are right and can even see my mistake

the html DOM modifier class “html.dark” was missing :smiley:

Hope you can see everything now again :wink:



Almost :slight_smile:
Now, preview text have same color with background. White color.

Ah damn it… you got me x)

Now it is fixed. Thanks a lot! :smiley_cat:

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