Found Another Bug

Ore Is stacking past 999 see pic for example

and another players inventory

Yeah it’s on the eah tool like that i can’t change the colors. The ore is stacking past 999 That is the problem atm When you mine some of the ores using your drone it seems to drop ores at your feet as well, and once you come out of drone mode you can pick up the ores that are dropping at your feet. That makes it stack past 999 Don’t really know if this explanation will help you.

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Thanks a lot Thats bad, but a Game problem. I let devs know …

hm sorry. I cant reproduce it. Could you send us a video?

Did you use T1/2/Debug drill?
Did the ore lay infornt of your feet or where the drone was?

All right now that i’ve tried it again after the last update it’s not doing it now If it does it again ill try to get video and send it over ty for responding.

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We found it and will give it further. Thanks for the info

All right a little bit of an update on this matter I found that by mining large ore deposits with large ore chunks you get the stacks of greater than 999 the node I mined from was large as you can see in the video . I don’t know why my sound didn’t work for this video I’ll try to get it fixed for next time i find a bug Hope this helps you guys to better the game.

and a video

Thanks a lot. Devs fixed it and will release it in the Hotfix today

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EDIT: Not in the Hotfix today but the next