FPS Needs Changes

I would suggest a bigger scenario for the FPS event. In the current one a single player can dominate the whole field by moving rapidly into the spwaners (clone chambers) when the others spawns letting them with almost no chance to make a stand after their first death.

I’ve notice this have made players leave once this happens and started complaining about it. This makes the event something that is not enjoyable. The main reason is since your armor gets broken and you die almost instantly after getting hit once or twice and the time it requires to repair it it’s longer than the time another player will get to you.


Maybe protect the spawning locations with one way doors to prevent player farming? Or something along the line of orbital insertion (randomized spawn locations)?

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trap doors…

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Thanks for the feedback.
The background story of this event was to reproduce the game Quake Arena 100% as good as possible.
Even the POI is a similar “map” from Quake.

But Empyrion has of course not even 10% of FPS capabilities like Quake, so I will take this into account if reworking it.

Spawn Chambers are already spawning you randomly here and there but maybe I can work with more safe spots or even on “golden spot” where everyone has to fight for an Epic Armor.

sounds to me like you had no Epic Armor on.
Anyways, Events are now on my todo list on top.


maybe design spawn spots up high on platforms or such? basically u could leave but you couldn’t come back… and have exits from all directions so less camping possible?


Thanks for the background story (I didn’t knew that).

I understand that FPS PvP is not the a strong part of the game but it’s really fun. But I’ve seen less players joining the event due the issues I said before.

In my case, I always enter with an Epic Armor (that’s a must) and even with others having an Epic Armor on them, once I’ve kill them once or twice It’s really easy to overwhelm them by moving quickly to their position and killing them, leaving them with no chance to grab a weapon and fight back.

This lead to players quitting the event. Specially when someone goes around trashing all items so no one else can get any, even though there are some boxes that “always” have weapons in it.

I know being smart it’s your biggest weapons but some might find that as bad sportsmanship. All and all, I love the FPS event, even when I’m loosing I take it as a challenge to turn the table over, but most of the time It’s almost impossible to do so. Almost every player that I’ve talk about this agrees with me (like 8 or 10 so).

I like the suggestions from the ones that have reply to this discussion:
@TacoIsland : “…one way doors to prevent player farming…” - Sound Good, but you might find someone waiting for you on the other side of the door, It’s not bad if you can gear up inside.

@Bob : “trap doors…” - Not sure what this means but if it’s having an enclose roof with trap doors for you to fall back into battle being able to land away from your enemies, I like it.

@Hayawen : “…spawn spots up high on platforms…exits from all directions so less camping possible…” - I like this, very similar to what I’ve added to Bob’s comment.

@RexXxuS : “…more safe spots or even on “golden spot” where everyone has to fight for an Epic Armor…” - I like this one, I would add an Epic Armor as reward for the event winner to make it more appealing for others to join.

All of this suggestion would improve the FPS Event experience.

Since I’m a little ambitious I would suggest the following (if it’s possible):

-A bigger scenario with all or most of the suggestions made here.

-Random scenarios, maybe using some of the structures from the missions in the ECC (like the Tower from the “Loot & Survive” Mission)

-Two scenarios to choose from 1) The Quake Arena and 2) An open field with a perimeter, having spread loots all over and broken walls and fox holes where you can take cover (maybe 2 or 3 simple HVs with an open front seat and only one gatling gun on top)

Voting for which scenarios with Ev:Start:FPS:A and Ev:Start:FPS:B

A=Quake Arena
B=Open Arena