Freelancer Origin



Story and Gameplay

Initially a “catch all” Origin for players who didn’t bother to read the story and choose a valuable faction, the rebellion gave way to recognition and a minor status. Freelancers will never have the status the main two Origins have - they are simply too young and disorganized. The Origin of the Freelancers has grown much in the many seasons and today it enjoys all the same benefits and advantages as all other main origins. This origin is for the die hard rebel who simply must play his or her own way, and receive these benefits:

  • The Origin weapon is the Enhanced Laser Rifle 2075
  • Less focus on brute force and PVP, more on exploration and conquering missions
  • the fa:supply package can save your life. If you are stuck someplace with no supplies, every origin has the same basic survival supplies in their supply package - so use it wisely!

Freelancer Supply Packages

Tier I | unlocked at 1 - 499 Reputation Points

Tier II | unlocked at 500 - 999 Reputation Points

Tier III | unlocked at 1000+ Reputation Points

Reputation Point gain

  • 2 RP for one warp per day
  • 3 RP for living in PvE AND PvP (counts for your whole faction)
  • 7 RP IF you have 300 pentaxid (refined) in your inventory (and your epic (enhanced) weapon of course)
  • 7 RP per Guilty Kill
  • Highest amount of unique PDA missions with a lot of rewards
  • 7 RP for one grey Alien Container 541

Note: If you kill the same person over and over again you get only once per day the bonus for it.

Note: All RP Gains require having your Epic weapon in your inventory to work and be online at least once per day. No epic, no RP.


  • can’t trust other Freelancer
  • not a “part” of a story Origin
  • -1 RP if you become guilty
  • Become guilty if you killed 10 Alliance player in a row


  • Comfortable in PvP and PvE
  • Have the most PDA Missions
  • Only Freelancer probably know a magic code to open doors to big treasures
  • Can buy 3 HWS NPC Trader packages per day
  • Medium but moderate gain of RP
  • OCD level 7:
    • PvP cooldown put: 20 minutes
    • PvP cooldown get: 1 hour

Freelancers not earning any RP
No RP for red T2 laser rifle & 300 pentaxid in inv
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