Freelancer Starter Quest Not Advancing Past "Get your Gear"

It looks like you may be addressing this with the motion sensor problem at the clone chamber on your to-do list, or this may be a different trigger problem entirely.

The Freelancer starter quest is not advancing past the first tick mark box, but allows the player to progress through the tutorial, freelancer bar, and land on the planet. Unfortunately this does not allow progression or even notify the player that they need to travel to the HWS Info center to get their starter gear and RP. I was able to replicate this with 3 of my faction members who first started out, and I’ve been noticing a handful more people talking about it in global chat not even realizing that their quest isn’t progressing and living in the squalor of the supplies picked up from the clone chamber. So the player ends up landing on the planet, but their quest still says “grab your freelancer gear!” even though they have already grabbed it from the locker.

cb:reset and going through the tutorial a 2nd time seems to let the quest activate properly and progress, however most players don’t realize this until it is too late. There seems to be a corridor or room on freelancer bar on the right hand side, rather than straight ahead to the free SV ships that you have to enter to get it to progress correctly, but that seems to be a rumor.

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