Friday Starter Zones Wipe

Hello everyone!

Since tomorrow starter zones are gonna get wiped, I want to ask what should I do in order to keep what I have so far. Should I get all my stuff in my inventory (backpack) and logout? Should I store them in the survival constructor ? I know for sure that Bases, SVs, CVs and HVs are gonna get wiped but what about survival constructors and character backpacks ? Are those safe from the wipe?

Thanks in advance!

Hi bud generally in a wipe of the starter systems it’s the planet surfaces and the space the planets are in, what is stored in your backpack won’t be wiped, but you can hitch a ride out of the system from another player also. :slight_smile:

Well yeah … if you know someone and trust him! In my case i can’t trust someone to ride me on a pvp zone to avoid the wipe :slight_smile:

Hope some admin answers with more certainty on the matter! Thanks for your tip :slight_smile:


some tips:

  1. use OCD at the beginning - you will love it
  2. don’t build big stuff unless you can fly away to the Origin systems (Saturn, Uranus, Comet7, Neptune, Pluto)
  3. park in the origin systems near your alliances
  4. dismantle everything and start tomorrow clean. You have a whole week then to get ready for the big journey
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Thanks for the answer! Haven’t build nothing big. Already dismantled everything and i’ve already used all the slots OCD can offer at lvl 1! Can’t upgrade OCD yet for obvious reasons …! I only need a couple of days to “break free” from the starting planet / zone but RL got in the middle so I am a bit behind!

Hope I don’t get wiped with everything I have in my backpack after i get back home from work !! :slight_smile:

I am currently trying to log into the game with no success after the Friday wipe !! I can log fine to other servers except HWS. I get the loading screen and it seems the game has loaded behind the loading screen cause i am able to see some of the game’s ui but nothing else!! Can’t get that blue Empyrion wallpaper to go away…
Below you can find some screenshots of the problem! Any help really appreciated !!

First off, Wipes dont wipe player data, so calm down you are fine. As long as you left no ships or structures behind, you just pop back in where you left. Second, Steam authentication servers were just down for about 3 hours. Try relaunching the game.

First … I am calm! The wipe thing is over anyways. Second… Steam is up just fine! As i already said “I can log fine to other servers except HWS”.

Verify your steam files please and try again

Whenever I verify my steam files i always get one file that failed and steam is updating it. After I launch the game and try to connect to the server i am loading forever …! And still i can log fine to other servers…

Same thing happens to a friend that i am playing together and we left our chars on Freelancer planet yesterday before wipe with everything packed on our inventory … coincidence??

I reset you just for a test (did a backup, no worry). Try to join again please

Damn … although i got to choose starting planet I am still loading forever! Can you please reset me again just for the test to choose some other planet ?

Already did this.
Thanks for the test. Now I know it has nothing to do with HWS.
Go in that folder and delete every folder Playfield folder within the HWS folder(s).
Verify steam files again (close every steam application before) and try again.

Nothing! Still loading forever! Same thing with my friend that does the same as me (Nickname: Thelbanor)

Have the same loading issue. Nickname: Freelander. Location: Freelancer starter planet.

I warped you to Outpost. Try again please.
Don’t know what else could be the problem

Yeap Outpost worked. Sorry for the delay, i wasn’t on my comp! Could you please do the same for my friend Thelbanor? Thanks again!

Im having the same problem, cant connect at all

I unloaded the playfield. Should work again.
Dunno what caused this problem :expressionless: |

It Worked! Thanks! this latest patch has been quite buggy