Friend Stuck in Loading Screen

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What happened: I have a friend that joined the sever, maybe 2 weeks ago, hasnt played again until today. When they connect to the server it just sits at the loading screen. Shows them on the server in the players list (B menu) But it never leaves the load screen. They have tried restarts, uninstalling/reinstalling multiple times. Any suggestions?
Player(s) with issue: Genital Hurricane
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): ~0400 server
Playfield: Cryo A1
Structure Name(s): None
Structure ID(s): None
How can we help you now: We were going to have him do a cb:reset and start on Cryo F1. So is it possible to wipe his character so he can both log in and also start on Cryo F1? He was able to type in chat from the load screen so i had him do the reset already. But he still shows up as being in the Old faction so im guessing it either didnt work or its not loaded completely to make the change.

I reset him now. Sorry for taking so long. Forgot to watch the new support channel

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