Fuel Bug Calculation issue

I noticed some posts about fuel bugs in pvp and else where and I think I might of found what may be happening. I started taking screen shots at the moment I log and reenter my base. It seems that whatever power value is consumed at the time of logout/ and login is taken into account over the entire course, if you log in at night for a solar base on a planet and you will have only drain during that time. I will give a for instance below:
Fuel : 9846
Solar: 35437
logout Power use: 315 w
logout solar power: 1.88Kw
Log out time 9hrs 30 min close approximation

Login Power Use 315
Login solar power 0 w (night)
Login avg solar: 645 w
Fuel: 9846
Solar: 616

The power drain calculation ignores the average solar and uses the value at the moment you login. This seems to be true for constructors/ furnaces and other objects with a lot of power drain that the moment you leave/enter dictates the fuel drain amount. I hope that since we have people in contact with the devs this might be useful to help them fix this math which should use the average.


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