Hi guys

Suppose this is a little bit of a complaint, I know may other people have moaned about it, but when you did the wipe Auto Miners OCD and 250K from your bank was suppose to remain, however as your aware the fuel got wiped (which I had about 1200) I would not normally have an issue with this but it also was never mentioned, obviously I will accept it but it should have been mentioned.

On the plus side a thanks for Candy for helping me out other night with the stupid pole bug. As always keep up the good work

Hey windmill,

hm yes and no. Sorry.
Yeah we should have mentioned it in a special way. But since the fuel is connected to your player file (which gets wiped) we thought that this was known.
We will announce it better next time. (so you can pump everything to OCD).

No worries

Wait, was it ever announced? (and where?)