FULL WIPE! Let's start our journey together!

Finally! Welcome to a complete fresh HWS!
Start your journey and play your faction roles.

[size=150]Quick overview:[/size]
[li] the universe is harder now but every planet has it’s proper resources. If you think it is too hard or you missing resources on the planet: trade with EC or type cb:reset[/li]
[li] removed Ore buy / sell from EB (Elemental Bank)[/li]
[li] added Blackmarket Items (Epic weapons). Need to guess the name (good luck Bro) or search for hints in the universe… (painted the names on custom POI in the universe)[/li]
[li] added Planet “Crystal Bounty” in the Blackhole orbit to gain a LOT of blue crystals for a good start… as soon as you can arrive there quick! The planet will be absorbed from the Blackhole at 9PM![/li][/ul]

So we hope we can have this version till Beta! :slight_smile:

Have fun guys and thank you all for your support!

Jascha & RexXxuS

: Sounds great guys, good job. Can’t wait to get back on :smiley: