Future of Empyrion

Oh yes, I loved it when my child decided for me to update my iOS from 5 to 7, and since then it looks like a child’s toy. The ONLY reason I use this pile of sh!t phone is because my job pays for it, and when it dies I’ll move the SIM over to my Android that doesn’t suck.



Do you doubt, but make a decision in which you are not sure? Do I understand you correctly?

With respect to all)

First of all, why do you change my quote??? I dont speak russian.

I dont have the time to translate what you have written and its very disrespectfull from you, the only thing i can read is “Dual Universe” so it looks like you are advertising for another game. If you like it, go play it. Otherwise stop posting about in an EMPYRION Forum.

Then why do you judge! My post, which you refer to was written in Russian. Do you read Russian or not?

This thread is about the future updates of Empyrion. Do you have to say anything about the future updates of Empyrion? When not, stop posting here.

Sorry but you haven’t read the HWS agreement. HWS does not apply to Empyrion. This is a free forum, I have expressed my opinion in relation to the future of Empyrion, but not in relation to HWS. You replace concepts!

this is what google translate says was posted:

“The future depends on the launch of the Dual Universe, does anyone dispute this? Translate yourself) with all due respect”

not sure what dual universe has to do with this topic. it’s a different game and this post was titled “The future of Empyrion” not “Empyrion vs Dual Universe”

@Chaser yes this is an English speaking majority forums. i have seen you have been told this by @RexXxuS in the past. please try to respect others and do your own translations. unless you prefer your words to be ignored :frowning:

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If there is a question about sentencing for a three-word post in Russian! - maybe someone will take the trouble to translate this sedition? And then to bring charges, knowing about what speech and on what forum there is a person! This is not a forum Empyrion! I’d have missed his post, but this is complete ignorance, blame not understanding what is written))) am I wrong?

For WhizZLe, I did not substitute anything, I have it looks like this

This above is what i have written.

And again, if you dont have anything to say to the topic of this thread, stop answering this thread. The future updates of empyrion have an impact on HWS, and thats why we discuss this here.

You’re right, the future of HWS depends on, bla, bla, bla
But you yourself have shown proof of your ignorance

Next time be careful when pressing charges) You have not replied to all my posts) All the best)))

My take on what chaser may be saying is the future of empyrion depends on the competition — such as dual universe.

If so, a valid point. And, the competition is heating up.

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And what has Dual Universe to do with the 10.6 Update of Empyrion. When you want to discuss DU, make a thread in #Off-Topic.

Otherwise, feel free to discuss what the new update brings to Empyrion. I dont have the time nor the crayons to explain you what this Topic is about.

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I’ll break my rules and get back in the conversation for one post, the problem with Empyrion is the lack of optimization in the first place, the lack of a coherent plot in the single, it’s all about Empyrion. That concerns HWS this 4-10fps in pvp and 15-20 in ECC, here sorry, all the rest sweets depart on the second plan. Therefore my post was built for people who play on HWS and know the problems of this project! No one can be kept if lying next to a carrot looks sweeter! Good night, I hope you understand my message.


somethings lost in translation :wink:

the game has many issues that are constantly being evolved. hopefully sooner than later. the CPU metric just seems like a way to limit builds making smaller structures as a way to fake increased performance. this is just bandaging the problem and not a solution. it will however lower lag which will in turn increase activity in the game. maybe that is the reason for limiting what toys we can bring with us. either way i just really hope the game progresses. would hate to see it lost in the digital dust like so many have in the past…


Bit oft here.
DU is monthly subs, and seems now to be expensive for most people.
Played EVE for many years, but there I played for free, but only because I spent way to many hours in the game. If DU goes the same path, the player core will be small, and you will spend hours just to find people to play with.

ONT: hope the cpu is only a way to get some peace to evolve the game’s performance for future releases, since emp has an enormous potential.

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A BIG problem I have with the game is the total lack of optimizations, more ‘features’ come with every major patch which either diminishes performance, sacrifices the HOURS upon hours of blueprints for more ‘features’, and for what?

And by ‘features’ I really mean total shit show bugs. Completely random disconnections, especially when flying in space, to find that the ship is now 6k away! This happened last night! I had to jetpack in ECC space 6k to get back to my SV. This is a major reason why I have not been in PvP lately, what is the use of PvP if you just get disconnected at random? The suggestions I get is “your internets sux”, but if that is the case then why is my SV where I disconnected, and I am back 6k? Sure as hell didnt float there… Same scenario on planets, enter planet, fly a few km from where you came in and start shooting a POI, DISCONNECT!, reconnect (twice, because first time says your in-game name is already in use, have to retry again), and find you are now falling to planet surface and your SV is 2k+ away. Right next to that POI you were shooting. That is not an internet issue.

We used to happily fly around Class 7 CVs with thousands more triangles, and had less of a slideshow. Just to think that I spent nearly 100 hours on constantly updating and redesigning and testing a CV to only never be able to spawn it in again, doesn’t give me any comfort to do another.

So now lets add CPU ‘optimizations’, and it has nothing to do with actual hardware used to run the game. With as much is needed for demanding PvP planets for thrust and redundant thrusters in case you lose 20, your core CPU will only handle so much before things start to not work as well. IE, use less to suck less. Almost all class 1 vessels will have to be reworked. Great.

Might as well start selling my Midget on the ECC garage, its about all we are going to be limited to soon.

The future of warfare looks bright indeed:

Yes that is 5 components, still gets up to 40m/s!


PVE bumper cars anyone?

Minimus Maximus.epb (908 Bytes)

This may be ready for the CPU update :-p. But in all seriousness @TacoIsland has a very valid point, (suprising, I know right :sunglasses: ) the constant rebuilding of ships is getting out of hand. Seems like each new “limitation enhancement” requires us to scrap and start over. some builds can be carefully redesigned but not for most. This has been a huge time suck for a lot of players preventing them from actually enjoying the game. If’s very frustrating to make a ship that works for what you need it to do but then an update renders it useless. Especially when you work very hard to make it look awesome as well as keeping useful. I have been busted on in the past on how “blocky” and “basic shaped” my builds are but it makes it much easier to redesign an ugly efficient ship over and over. Taking massive amounts of time to redesign and make a ship pretty is not something I will invest much of my time into anymore. I have started a line of “Bob’s Efficient Boxes” on my workshop if anyone is interested. Check it out and let me know if there are any special request to add to the disposable army.


You guys are speaking sense, but not in the right forums. Rex can’t do anything about eleon! Go and put this stuff on the empyrion official discord & forums!!