GABRIEL PVP during week?

I’ve lost my CV THE ARK parked on Gabriel! WHY THE HELL IT IS PVP? IT MUST BE PVE DURING THE WEEK and it is PVP now.
I WANT MY CV BACK with all stuffs! It is not right to lose all because of this.

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Not sure if it’s already considered the weekend though, time zones and all.

A lot of delicious on the ship. Where he is now lying in the vastness of space. Imagine how bombed you now :slight_smile:

…hm… might have happend due to the migration to 5.1 yesterday. sorry forthe trouble, but be happy we did this and not make a full wipe. Rex spent 6 hours just migrating the server… Some credits for him please instead of just complains.
Normally we would help of course especially when its our fault or if you lost all. But only if you are nice. DEMANDING and kinda ACCUSING is not our style, sorry.
So come back when you calmed down and then we can speak. We understand your frustration, but nearly nothing is really “lost” on our server since we have backups and ways to get them back.

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wow wow wow…

So now, we all could create Topics about lost ships on Gabriel during dat raid?.. )))

P.S.: As I know, a lot of ppl lost ships during dat surprise PvP-switching on Gabriel. We btw too.

Sorry, even I make mistakes…
It was the most stressful birthday I had so far and this was a copy paste mistake.

If the loss is big I see what I can do

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he’s just a bit upset Jasch, it just happened… of course we all appreciated what you have done for this server, accidents happen and we wouldn’t want to cause stress or ill-feeling’s, for Rexx to work on this on his birthday is true dedication and constantly thinking of the players over his birthday… now that is a true admin who puts his players before himself, please don’t ill think off archangel, he’s an old players as old as time ;-), we know accidents happen, and its a pain when you loose quite a bit, it’s happened to us all… frustration when things dont go to plan ehh :stuck_out_tongue:peace…

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AlexAKM, you know to well that its supposed to be PVE… so well done on nothing xD

Yep I know. And I wouldnt go there, If I didnt get call to help some teammates. We lost parked CVs there too. So, after that, we raid this planet. U understand why? xD

That is the payment of all the blood spilled on the homeworld and ori systems… and cowardly raids! but i guess alot of people lose ships and items due to bugs in this game if evryone would post that here, admins would need to work on just that 24/7.

me and blackwing never complained about an entire planet got terrain reset and we had to rebuild the whole base on ori…

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I’m sorry for the tone i used Jash. Bad day and even worse evening… then at late night i long in to move the ship in orbit to prevent the PVP raid and found it was stolen by SWP.
The big pity is that The Ark survived a lot of battles only to die turned off on a planet. This and obviously the Box of Epic weapons and the ton of ammunition and stuffs i’ve been keeping there.
This is wat drived me upset. Today it is better, sorry for last night.