Game crashed cant login

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What happened:
=> game crashed after a warp. I cant login even if i have cleared the casche and restarted.

Player(s) with issue:
=> Ligator_swe

=> EU

Time (cb:time):

=> 15 minutes ago

=> The last notification was this one: “20-06-30 18:04 Playfield discovered
Received 1 RP and 1060 Credits for discovering ‘Zeta 3225 I Moon Sector’ (106)”

It is at Chemagar [Sun Front] at the moment.

Structure Name(s):
=> Ligators explorer (as well as a bunch of SVs, inluding one I had bought - Archimedes | 15m 1342496)

Structure ID(s):
=> Ligators explorer 1497588

How can we help you now:
=> I need to get back in the game and find out why I cant enter the game.


I can login to all other servers, but not HWS EU


should work again. Game bug. Should be fixed with next patch

Ok i try to log in

I have had LOTS of disconnects recently. And I mean LOTS.

Yeah we know.
But you can login again. Patch seems to come tommorw.

“Seat is currently occupied”


I cant drive the CV. Ill try to relog

If relog doesn’t work, just remove your cockpit with a multitool, and then place it somewhere else.

It worked. Thanks

I could place it back after I switched model of the seat. With one model seat was blocked with the other not.

Game is more stable now after you helped me

The detach command should fix this. Open console (~) and type detach. It kicks your player out of the driver seat.

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