Game crashes all the time

I have tryed reinstalling the game. Tryed turning things on and off. Getting the same object missing log file all the time.

Starting the game in dx9 dont work. Cant get the game to launch in dx9.

I have the same problem + crashes when I open blueprints on PVE server. But I don’t have his crashes on PVP server.

Also this is posted in off-topic?

A few in my faction are having similar issues. We’re thinking it may be related to certain BP items but cant nail down what precisely is wrong. I believe the BPs in question may have been submitted for analysis. Hopefully there’ll be some clarification on what, if anything needs amending in those structures.

well we cant play the game at all. I cant even get more then 50m.

There are alot of people who has the same problem. I am hoping they just roll back to 6.0.

i’m having dc’s quite often sawell, and extreme lag, done same thing re-installed game, dx9/11, thinking of rollback…

Think just about everybody is :frowning: . I’m not going to make any further changes to my system as the issue is clearly not specific to me n mine.

Please keep those topics sepperate. Its speaking here now about game crashes and disconnects. Two totally different things.
Best is to make two topics so that we can follow up and not confuse them. Thanks

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