Game crashes when trying log in

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What happened:
=> Warped to a system and the game crashed. Now I can’t login anymore (while loading the game there is a “game crashed” message and thats it) But I can logg into other servers.

Player(s) with issue:
=> xMoDx

=> EU

Time (cb:time):
=> today between 18 - 20 CET I think

=> Maloliabeth [Sun Back]

Structure Name(s):
=> SoL

Structure ID(s):
=> 37944

How can we help you now:
=> maybe try to TP my CV and my player somewhere else? I’m trying to logg in tomorrow morning after server reboot


should work again.
Sorry for the issues. The poroblem itself should be fixed with todays empyrion patch.

you can login now again

nope still can’t log in :slight_smile:
If its more work than just a quick teleport just leave it be till after the patch. I should do some work in the garden anyway :smile:

hm oh. Yeah I wondered about your playerfile. It gives us strange errors.
Can you try again (warped you for now to your base)

If that does not work, we could only try the following:

  • Clear your cache
  • and if that does not work either we need to reset your character (but we can give you most stuff back. Only BP library and resources are most likely lost)

worked :wink: thank you!
any chance to warp my cv also to my base :slight_smile:

I could try to warp you there instead.

OK, I see… I warp you back
The Playfield you were on seems to be corupted @RexXxuS
“Maloloabeth [Sun Back]”

You can login again and I will restore your structures

Ok structures are restored and patch is incoming

It worked, I can log in and have all my stuff here, tho my cv is now purple :slight_smile: Guess I have to do some painting here.

Thank you for the fast solution! Keep on your good work!

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