Game gold and rp disappeared

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: 2 days ago I was on the golden planet became guilty, flew off washed and returned to the binomi. today I went into the game for some reason I became guilty again and found myself on a home planet. Also of the RP and gaming gold in the bank and in a personal account disappeared on the site.
Player(s) with issue: DMITRIY
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 09:00
Playfield: no
Structure Name(s): no
Structure ID(s): no
**How can we help you now:**I ask you to return everything back

You actually pushed the eu server button on the sight? Not na?

on the American server old data for November 2

I can reset the screen

Hello @gad-uka

good you ask about it, expected it earlier.

DMITRY and Serega_Nomad got punished with 50% Credit + RP loss.
Additionally the whole RED faction lost 15 RP.

Even though Revenant reported the big Homeworld System glitch bug (Alliance-HQ bases got teleported in the Homeworld System Orbit) you and your friend abused this situation and raided 5 bases, before we were able to fix it.

I had to spent HOURS to restore the stuff you destroyed.

This is a rule breach and see it as one and final warning. The next time you do it, you will be permanently banned from HWS!

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I look at the server and I can not understand, whether my skis do not go on asphalt, or, the rules of the server are invented on the go and only Redows are punished.

  1. Punishment, for what ??? I personally was on the PVP zone and attacked the ship that was there and shot back, I did NOT violate the rules of the server and the game with these actions. The question is what the X … punished ??? (These are server problems, and players just play in the situation that occurs).

  2. Why when some conflicts occur, the administration helps not those who are right in these conflicts, but those who donat ??? or not related to the Reds (if not donat). For example, the situation on the Phoenix with a locked entrance, the second is without scoring, repeated blocking of the ship by the donate.

What is being done of me, the guilty where there is NOT guilty, it’s not hot to me is not cold, the only hitch is that such accusations cast doubts on the adequacy of the administration

Смотрю на сервер и понять не могу, то ли у меня лыжи не едут по асфальту, то ли, правила сервера придумываются на ходу и наказывают только Рэдов.

  1. Наказание, За что??? Я лично находился на ПВП зоне и атаковал корабль который там находился и отстреливался, я НЕ нарушил правил сервера и игры этими действиями. Спрашивается какого Х… НАКАЗАН??? (Это проблемы сервера, а игроки всего лишь играют в ту ситуацию которая происходит).

  2. Почему когда происходят некоторые конфликты, администрация помогает не тем которые правы в этих конфликтах, а тем кто донатит??? или не имеет отношения к Рэдам (если не донат). К примеру ситуация на Фениксе с запертым входом, вторая- без нказанная, многократная блокировка корабля донатом.

То что из меня делают, виновного там где, НЕ виновен, мне не жарко- не холодно, загвоздка только в том что такие обвинения ставят сомнения на Адекватности администрации

I don’t understand 99% of your text, sorry.
And the 1% is a personal opinion of you.

Fact indeed is:
You abused a bug, attacked structures which were from the Alliance-HQ planet! 300+ Bases in an Orbit!? And checking our logs cleary shows:
Revnant found the bug, reported it and SUDDENLY you and your friends came fast to the Orbit and destroyed many PvE structures. That is so lame - deal with the consequences like a man!
Don’t hide behind your “Redows” excuse or whatever.

All you have to keep in mind: next time you are banned!

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I did not know that on the server, there is a rule that prohibits ALL players from attacking any buildings in the PVP zones, or more precisely, this rule is only on Reds?! I didn’t see the inscriptions on these bases and ships that they cannot be destroyed, I play for pirates and I attack everything that comes across, I repeat that it’s not my fault and not adequately punished, for acting as a regular player in the pvp zone. If we are punished, then be kind enough to prohibit ALL players to attack ANY buildings in pvp zones, for such attacks fined ALL, and not selectively. I do not consider myself guilty and the charges are nothing more than an excuse to find a deal for server failure or the bug-outfit of those who were in the alliance system.

We were in the pvp zone, in which the seizure and destruction of buildings and equipment is not prohibited by the server, we did not violate the rules, because there was NOT an inscription on these buildings and bases under the protection of the administration. The administration of the server itself violates its rules.

Я не знал что на сервере, есть правило, которое запрещает ВСЕМ игрокам, атаковать любые строения в ПВП зонах, или точнее это правило только на Рэдов?! На данных базах и кораблях НЕ видел надписи что они нельзя уничтожать, я играю за пиратов и атакую всё что попадается, повторюсь что это не моя вина и наказан не адекватно, за то что действовал как обычный игрок в пвп зоне. Если наказали нас, тогда будьте любезны запретить ВСЕМ игрокам атаковать ЛЮБЫЕ строения в пвп зонах, за такие атаки штрафуйте ВСЕХ, а не, выборочно. Не считаю себя виновным и обвинения не что иное как повод найти кранего за сбой сервера или багоюзерство тех кто в системе альянса был.

Мы были в пвп зоне, в которой не запрещается сервером захват и уничтожение, строений и техники, правил мы не нарушили, потому что на данных строениях и базах НЕ было надписи что под защитой администрации. Администрация сервера, сама свои правила нарушает.

You repeat yourself and I repeat myself. Maybe someone can translate the following to you. It’s the last time I say anything about that topic at least:

Please answer only IF you respect and understood this rule.
Everything else, PvP or not, doesn’t matter.

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it is for mistakes the server and Rexxxus the players pay the price so keep it and you will be happy


and all these actions are drawn to prejudice against Russian-speaking players. You do not like Russians, so prohibit them from entering the server.


Where was it written that this is a mistake ??? There were no warnings or announcements. I personally did not see any warnings, for me 4000 hours in the emperion and this situation is another raid in the pvp zone. The administration has found extreme, rather than to admit their mistakes. I insist that the rules, we did not break, not the server, not the game itself

Где было написано что это ошибка??? Предупреждений или объявлений не было. Лично не видел предупреждений, для меня 4000 часов в эмперионе и данная ситуация очередной рейд в пвп зоне. Администрация нашла крайних, вместо того что бы признать свои ошибки. Настаиваю что правил, МЫ НЕ НАРУШАЛИ, не сервера, не самой игры


  1. What is prohibited in pvp zones for all players?
  2. Which item of the rules was broken by us in this situation?
  3. What rights do players have in case the administration is not right?

Training for the administration, if they did not know this, rules for all servers:

  1. In pvp zones as well as in other zones it is forbidden, cheating, bugging, any attempts to disrupt the operation of the server using bugs
  2. Players are not prohibited from pvp battles, attacks on the bases of other players in pvp zones, provided that these attacks do not use cheats and booty.
  3. In case of any server problems, the players who are not warned about this do not bear any responsibility, due to the fact that the administration acted without.
  4. In the event of a large-scale server operation error, the administration has the right to roll back the overall server, to save up to that point.
  5. It is forbidden to display racial and religious aggression, both to the players and the administration of the server.


  1. Что запрещено в пвп зонах, для всех игроков?
  2. Какой именно пункт правил был нарушен нами в данной ситуации?
  3. Какие права имеют игроки в случай, если администрация не права?

Обучение для администрации, если они этого не знали, правила для всех серверов:

  1. В пвп зонах так же как и в других зонах запрещено, читерство, багоюзерство, любые попытки нарушить работу сервера используя баги
  2. Игрокам не запрещается пвп бои, атаки на базы других игроков в пвп зонах, при условии если в этих атаках не используются читы и багоюзерство.
  3. В случай каких либо проблем сервера, игроки не предупрежденные об этом не несут какой либо отвественности, из за того что администрация без действовала.
  4. В случай масштабной ошибки работы сервера, администрация имеет право сделать общий для всего сервера откат, на сохранение до того момента.
  5. Запрещается проявление рассовой и религиозной агрессии, как игрокам так и администрации сервера.

I would be very careful to spread lies and accusations around you!

I see you don’t even care to use a proper translation tool, nor do you ask someone to translate english to russian. Or you don’t want to understand.

I never said mistake. I said bug.

And READ the rule!

Do you UNDERSTAND? You abused a bug. PvP or not does not matter!

If you don’t respect my words and accuse me of bullshit, you don’t deserve an answer from me anymore.