Gameplay & Origins

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HWS offers players a unique story-based backdrop for the Empyrion universe which vastly enriches gameplay and gives players a fresh new perspective and a deeper, more rewarding experience.

Every feature on HWS gives players an exclusive and direct connection to the story which unfolds as you develop your character.

No matter if you store assets and supplies in your OCD, recycle your structures via EGS, or manage your wealth of credits via the Elemental Bank, you must accept that:

you are a clone with artificial memories

You are determined to find out who created you and the details of your origin. What is your purpose?

As you progress towards the truth, you will discover hints, solve puzzles and complete missions with possibly the help of your friends as you uncover all the answers which await.


To join one of the three Origins, you have to choose the appropriate Starter planet. Only then are you matched to that Origin officially. Each Origin has a unique starter planet and you can’t change your Origin unless you reset your character with the command: cb:reset (available every 12 hours)

Therefore, be sure you read each Origin’s description carefully and know which journey appeals to you and fits your preferences and personality.

Origins are basically the parent groups of all factions. For example: The Freelancer Origin can have multiple factions within it.

Remember: Starter Planets have a one way warp!
This prevents players from warping back to safety after venturing into a universe with areas that are dangerous. If you run into deadly trouble and suffer a loss, you may always chose to once again get a fresh beginning on your starter world (with cb:reset), but you cannot warp back there with a ship. So before you warp out of your chosen starter system, be sure you are ready and well stocked.

By default each faction in your origin is NOT allied with each other. Alliances are proposed and accepted by players. Being in alliance with other factions means that your auto-turrets will not target each others structures in PvP. However, friendly fire is active and you can inflict damage on each other with manual fire!

GUIDELINES: To help maintain continuity of the HWS Storyline, we request that you do your best to build and support the roles of the various Origins. For example, if you want to hunt and kill, join the Outcast origin. Or… if you wish to make the universe a better place by trading and/or protecting those who trade - choose Federation. Operating within your faction’s role is very important to upholding and fulfilling the HWS Storyline!

Clone Levels

While you play on HWS, season for season, you will return every time as Clone - until you found the truth.
But along the way you will also progress in your Clone level. More and more memories will come back in your mind, helping you greatly for future tasks.

However you have to find notes not only in the Universe but sometimes outside of the Universe. In HWS Connect or the HWS Forum for example.