Gate warped ship but not player/gatecamp

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What happened: tried to use the warpgate from ECC to HW but the gate only ported my ship and left me in orbit. After I ported myself through the gate was met with gate campers that killed me over and over.
Player(s) with issue: now sure of the gate camper’s name but the faction initials were [REV] ships were named [REV] RSS Nightmare and [REV] RSS-Revenge
Server: HWS NA
Time (cb:time): 7/29/2018 10:50pm CST
Playfield: HW Orbit
Structure Name(s): dfsfdefwF
Structure ID(s): 37274343
How can we help you now: replace sv and let me know if gate camping is within the rules

Hello @Foxed

about camping Supergates: yes, allowed. It’s part of the risk. Only the normal K-warping counts towards our “No camping warp rule”.

I can verify your story though and restored the SV on ECC at coordinates 0 100 0. Make sure to pick it up after you ran the Combat Mission.

Keep in mind for the future that it could be that you just used the Supergate wrong and your friend was in the Cockpit and you only in the passenger seat!
And if you read the Guide then you should NEVER use the Supergate as Passenger or it happens what happened to you.
ONLY the pilot should use the Supergate.

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