Gatling Guns are broken

As most people who pvp know gatling guns (atleast on sv) are quite broken at the moment. They damage strait thru hulls. Im not convinced this is an exploit. I believe it just happens. I havent been able to reproduce it other than in live combat. Here is a video which shows the bug occurring. (not my video I did not name it) I suggest disallowing mini guns until this bug is fixed. I have told all my guys to not even put them on a ship.

I was getting hit with Miniguns last night when I shot you down using my miniguns .
We have your ship with all 6 of its Miniguns.

ACP has used a CV with Miniguns and Cannons at every engagement on Planet this season.
Why now is it a problem? Because others have caught on and are now using them against you?

QQ more.

I love that video btw, Nice quality. I brought out my 11 Million Dollar HV for the first time against RAT before the wipe… The whole time I engaged I was being nailed by gatling guns. I was kinda curious at first to why he would be using them instead of rockets… My first thought was “Raven thinks gats are good and so does Taco” so they are just using them cuz they think they are good… then I started seeing my insides blow up with 100% armor almost and that’s when I knew they were being used against me. Your cv’s shoot right through us as well, Stop bringing them into the planet and using them as SV’s or stop using gats yourselfs. You can’t complain about something you guys started. This is just like the tackling, We said it was bad… RAT last season said it was good tactic… .Now look it’s ruled out. Easiest way to get this ruled out is to smash our opponents with the same weapon they are using against us. Stop complaining please it’s ruining the PvP sorry you had no white space inside of your ship… I re worked it last night will be flying it today. I made sure to leave the 6 gats you had on there. Thank you

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No drama please but if Miniguns penetrating blocks (which got reported few times by now) we have to look into it. It’s not intentional of course.
But in a first step we can’t disallow them - neither with rules nor with some code magic. Not yet at least.

It would be cool if more information about it can be gathered. Like how many blocks can be penetrated or at what distance etc.

It’s just difficult to create a reproducible savegame for the Devs to fix it. Videos alone are sometimes not enough.

I’ll talk with Eleon about it.


Did you all NOT notice that we are just realizing this ourselves? We are NOT NOT NOT blaming anyone nor making any accusations. We are taking them off of our vessels until it can be fixed. If anyone else noticed this some time ago, why did you NOT NOT NOT mention it? The video serves as proof that it is happening. Stop jerking the knees in response to a bug being called out. Unless there is more to tell on your part? Have you known about this up to this point?

ignoring drama, I have yet to see this happen with anything but sv gatling guns and I cannot reproduce it other than seeing live combat videos. It has not happened to me in an hv that i have noticed.

Tests like “it shoots through 5 blocks but not 6 blocks” etc. would be appreciated to gets it faster fixed.

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I believe this is a true clipping shot issue I think the thickness of the hull is irrelevant. The shots essentially appear to have “god mode” no clipping. Hard to test and repro will work on it tho.

I literally just learned about it after fighting with you guys the past week or so. If my enemy is using something that gives them a edge, what do I do… Hide in PVE until it’s fixed? No I don’t think so I’ll just use their own tactic against them… that usually gets stuff fixed a lot faster than you think just trying to help prove our point.

I will chat with you on how to prevent it, Not doing so in forums. I have an idea on how it’s happening but I’m not 100% will do some testing for you to help get this fixed.

Gats shooting through blocks to internals, has been well known for at least a couple of weeks. A certain well known faction on this server changed over all their SV’s to focus on this exploit. There are also known exploits with other 15mm weapons. not going to list them here, but I have been victim several times (some times repetitively by same player in one session) to other exploits.(happy to DM RexXxus? - but I do not have documentary evidence, which makes this knowledge less useful to the Dev’s)

Yes Ive seen quite a few videos of this now. I understand the devs want documentation, but sometimes they just need to figure it out.

Last night it was penetrating through 10+ blocks of hardened steel on my ship right to the core.

Here’s another video of it I found that displays what can happen in the more extreme case:

The EU side has already adapted and white spaced the blocks around components, its a little extra design work but if someone uses gatling’s instead of rockets against a white spaced ship they are at a disadvantage, since rockets do I think 10x or more dps with its aoe included, gun balance is completely broken so I really hope Eleon does put some thought into them. (hopefully math goes with that thought this time -_-)


That’s exactly what I did, I adapted and made changes. Instead of crying about it for hours in global just adapt/make changes/report it. That’s all you can do.

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Thing is when you take advantage of a bug like this its no good for anyone it just gets people to quit and tell people this game isnt even worth playing multiplayer. This is why Ive told my guys to not even have gatlings on any sv.

I think until this is resolved, gatling guns on SVs should be illegal. We can’t count on people not to abuse them. It seems to me that knowingly using them is a violiation because they are knowingly using an exploit to their advantage.

Isn’t this a feature?

Gats have been clipping for some time, even the CV mini guns and cannons are clipping. Wouldn’t be surprised if the BA and HVs are as well.

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No… gatling guns shooting through 4 or 5 layers of hardened steel is a glitch, by default they will not fire through blocks unless you use some kind of trick.

The gatlings shoot through infinite layers of steel blocks. While the gatling bug is active, steel blocks are treated as if they are not present. Players are able to trigger the bug and force the gatlings into shooting this way. I am unsure if the gatlings will shoot through “clip armor” (white spaced blocks; non-cubes), but from what we’ve seen, the gatlings will shoot through clip armor as well.

The only way to defend against this is to use devices as armor, ie, window blocks. Window blocks count as a device and will intercept the gatling bullets, and have sufficient health to not be destroyed quickly. The combat steel on the HWS garage ships is rendered useless (see: “RED at it again” video), and those ships are not built with clip armor. Device blocks are the only blocks which are hit by the bugged gatlings.

The fact that players are openly admitting to and trying to justify in this thread about exploiting the bug, is a shame.