Get rid of HWS ingots


…And put back RP stuff at humans levels.
Its impossible to get 10000 rp to upgrade ocd levels.
Yes you can say, your mates already have ocd 10. But they got rp boost since they got old accounts full of stuff.
Actually we are mid of season and i have 3200RP
Play Daily
Vote daily
Event daily.
The only event that gave me the possibility to reach the 10000 Rp was the Tower jumper. Now is nerfed to 100rp weekly (500 before)
Remove the whole ingots system or put rp levels at human level or make big events that give +2000rp at least once a month.
Can i have a button to get rid of hws ingots forever and put RP needed at 50%?

Commodity nerfed to ground too. Before was op, now is not worth. Just my opinion.

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I’m really confused by your title.
What exactly does any of that have to do with HWS ingots?
HWS ingots and RP are two very different things.

HWS ingots have nothing to do with the RP required to upgrade OCD, nothing at all.
Two totally different systems.

Please explain, in detail, why you are advocating the removal of a very useful feature for the people that don’t want to spend real money on donating to the server.


Because of the ingots the RP needed to buy upgrades are so huge. If you spend your rp in upgrades its obviuos that you cannot buy ingots. I just want a button to remove for me the ingots forever so i can buy upgrades for rp at human level.


You still aren’t being clear. Ingots aren’t used for the upgrades at all, nor do ingots set the RP for the upgrade. They are two completely different things.

HWS ingots has nothing at all to do with how much RP your OCD upgrade costs. I’m not sure how to explain it any clearer than that.

Right, because you choose to use the RP for other things.
Ingots being removed wouldn’t magically make your upgrade cost less, not at all.


Sink RP= Sink Ingots
Huge RP needed = Huge Ingots that will be not converted
Honestly there is not much to explain


If HWS ingots didn’t exist at all, your OCD upgrade would still cost you the same amount of RP.


if you think so…

but I have to give you a news, before the introduction of the ingots the rp needed for every upgrade was very low.

Anyway, the target that is set today with the huge nerfs that happened and no big events at all makes it almost impossible also for a daily player. I have also to say if someone want to not keep eb, not keep recycle, not keep stealth need to use 2615 just for re-upgrade those.


Rex changes the RP required every season, always has. It increasing had nothing to do with the HWS ingots. As I’ve already said, two different things.

If you wish to discuss the RP costs for upgrades that is an entirely different topic than HWS ingots.

You advocating the removal of HWS ingots wouldn’t help your situation one bit, and it would only hurt MANY other people.


Personally I think the increase of RP need is welcome change.
The price of containers kept their value high for almost a month, which is amazing considering how fast the inflation in rare items have been in past seasons.

Also to note, it’s absolutely possible to get 10k rp in a season.

Personally I get 30 (faction members) + 25 (federation “freebies”) + 30 (average per day of voting if you do that in both EU & NA) + 22 (Homeworld System planets) + 3 (Triton)…

That is already 110 RP
That * 90 days (length of season) is already 9900 RP.

I know it’s not possible to get these absolutely every day from start of the season and until t he end & not everyone is Federation in big faction… but in addition to that you can farm A LOT of containers with fairly small effort in this patch. You know just as I do that some POIs drop up to 45 RP worth of containers every 3 hours, just as an example. Also the new event “Eton” is +70 RP for every day you hold it (RED held it for like 20 days…). You can also buy RP from other players. I’ve personally sold over 3000 RP in containers this season.

All this combined makes 10k RP fairly easy achievement for active player like you.
PvP just isn’t the best way to get RP currently, which probably should be looked into as alternative to PvE. Maybe (good) weekly RP bonus for top10 in kill leaderboards?

I do agree with fairly low profit compared to time invested in traders. However I believe this is intentional to force trade-routes instead of trader camping. We’ll see once first players establish proper trading routes & are able to give some idea of possible hourly yield.

One last thing, we’re currently 1/3rd in season. First month of the season just ended yesterday. If you keep up your current pace of RP earning you’ll have over 9k RP by season end.


maybe @RexXxuS could add a seasonal support-package “keep your RP” or something?

ah no, stop hitting me please :wink:


I dont see this as an issue. Most of what you’ve said is why we have 10 levels of equipment. Each season you should be able to get one, maybe two fully from zero to 10. That way you remain committed to the server.