GG on SAN is bugged again

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: GG on SAN is bugged out again - same as last week appears to have passed a critical point of deformation of terrain. Constant DC, with players stuck on planet as a result
Player(s) with issue: Sacredglade, Extropy Juggoire (That I know of on the planet)
Server: SAN
Time (cb:time): 23:05
Playfield: SAN
Structure Name(s): Multiple vessel/bases on planet
Structure ID(s): N/A
How can we help you now: Can you reset the Planet, so we can log in and escape?Connection to Playfield server lost

*** UPDATE *** During a brief connection (I have been trying repeatedly) I managed to jump in SV and escape GG. Juggoire, Extrophy are still trapped on GG (and possibly others from different factions)

*** 2nd UPDATE *** GG SAN currently appears to allow 1 single player on the playfield at a time without crashing. So far all faction members, with the exception of Juggaire have escaped. However if two guys attempt to log into playfield at the same time the playfield crashes.

Sorry to hear guys. We really don’t know what the cookie is going on there.
The hardware shouldn’t be the problem but we fear that Windows Server 2016 is just a piece of crap software for our usecase.
We sent the logs etc. already to the Devs and working on it.

Thanks @RexXxuS !
Good news is that after the latest patch update @Juggoire also managed to login and escape. So we are good to close this ticket/post.

Just wondering if the drillable gold terrain is causing this, having soo much deformation is a lot for the server to handle. Would you consider reverting to the 6.0 style of GG terrain? (if this is even possible).