Ghost Bases!

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: My shots pass through enemy structures!
Player(s) with issue: Venom
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 15:45 eu
Playfield: Lantia
Structure Name(s): Tank (my one), Mouse Hole VII (enemy)
Structure ID(s): 21521489 (my one)
How can we help you now:
First problem, I approach the base with the HV and my turrets do not shoot (everything is activated).
Second problem, I manually shoot with the turrets and my shots pass through the enemy structure without inflicting damage!
During all this I suffered all the enemy shots.
What happens? I seem to play against cheaters with the God mode on …

Hello @Venom

it was not a cheat or godmode but just someone breaking the rules.

The base is behind the red wall and so you couldn’t do the full damage but got damage.
The base got removed.

ah ah ah ah
I can’t believe to my eyes!

I saw the barrier nearby, but not inside the base, lol

I’m glad that the reason is this and not a bug that could have repeated who knows how many times …