Glitching through barriers

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What happened:
Player(s) with issue: Uncle Freddy
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 6:30PM CST
Playfield: Alliance Easy Starter**Structure Name(s):** Base
Structure ID(s): 736367
How can we help you now: Shaved The Turtle used his ship to glitch through my base door. I was inside at the time. We are not associated in anyway. My question is should he be able to do this? What’s the proper response on my part and the admins? He said he wanted to see inside, he didn’t ask and we discussed this over global chat. My concern is if he can glitch through a door chances are he can do it to boxes. = Theft

This is absolutely against our rules and in the worst case could incur a Ban.

For now he gets a spell in the slammer …

On my side the door was open. I did not know that I was glitching through anything. I did go in through the open hangar door which looked like it had a forcefield on it but that is it. When I got inside the door was suddenly closed on me. I have played this game less than a week. I am not sure how I even did it.

Sounds like you just walked through an open hangar door. Open doors in this game will close when you walk away from them …

But this sounds like a different scenario.

Probably best not to go exploring in other people’s bases. If you really must have a look, press F5 and send in your drone

I actually flew my SV through the hangar door. I think that was what it was. It was a door large enough for my SV to fly through and it had the blue forcefield thingy in front of it. Once I flew through though, I couldnt back out because they door had closed on me.

yeah I guess I shouldn’t step on other people’s bases.

What business do people have to go through other people’s base? If your not part of their faction or alliance you’re basically not welcomed. Even the fact of not asking. How anyone can find that acceptable is beyond me. I’ve heard countless time people asking for tours and giving notice upon a request. This sounds like some third grader impulse snooping. Besides there wasn’t much it was a STARTER planet what did you expect to find?

It was shut, and I agree It’s my fault for not getting a screen shot. That’s what shocked me the fact he got through how was I suppose to know that was going to happen. Before I knew it, opened and closed, the deed was done. That’s when the begging started for me to open the door. My concern is if this is an exploit and people are using it possibly further glitches through walls, barrier could lead to theft.

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