GOG Grieving Ronin Base

The Guardians of Galaxy (GOG) faction recently griefed the Ronin (=R=) base on Uranus. Our base was 280 meters from ours, and they complained we were too close. We tried working out a deal, and offered to move if they could replace the resources we used, but they declined (although they did offer a couple mid-tier items).

After harassing us over chat and sending players who entered our base and fired shots, they built two new bases on the ridge just over our base, which prevented us from building or constructing even within our base. They then started building arches closer and closer to our base to further prevent us from building in our base. This made it impossible for us to use our base.

Here are the arches they used to grief our base:

They then started harassing us more directly. One of the players, Neko, started following us, trying to block us from playing. He would stand in front of us when we tried to build, or to enter our base. It turned out we were still able to build on the front of our base, and we were able to capture Neko inside the base as evidence. His clan then tried to destroy our base.

I asked you Politely to Move.

Why would you need resources replaced? Your Multitool would return all blocks you used in your base as completed Blocks. it was literally just Pick up and move to another mountain. Not hard to do. Multitool your items, move to the item a few hundred meters aways, reset up exactly as it was. The Multitool doesnt destroy blocks anymore, it just picks them up, unless you choose the destroy option.

Also, It is Griefing to lock a player in your Base. So, I blew a hole in it to let him out because you guys logged out.

It seems to me that Uranus is a PVP world. Why dont you just destroy the base that’s annoying you ? Problem solved.

Because it seems like two children bickering has to first play the he-said-she-said game, and whoever has the biggest stick is of course the winner.

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Agreed. But then they should not posting this in get support . Anyway, just my opinion. Not sure that we really want Rex to spend his christmas day dealing with things like this. :slight_smile:

That is not griefing guys.
Friendly fire is active even if allied.
PvP is free for all. Only major stuff is excluded from PvP.