Gold Fed Bugged/Glitched

So, I’m not sure what’s going on here, but I’ve been finding lots of blocks that seem to float and they aren’t connected to a base/ship/core. They are very close to a base core that I can’t seem to find, but after digging around and taking out the ground around it I’ve noticed that something is wrong… these blocks can weirdly float.

I’ve also seen a huge mass of ground floating in the sky, all of this in and around RAT’s base. Could we have someone investigate what’s causing these weird glitches? If possible it would be nice to have the offending blocks removed as they are making it difficult to judge where the enemy cores are.

Here’s the glithces I’ve seen/been victim of.

Aye Gold field has a lot of buggy spots, Old base remove core and can’t place a new core or use t2 multi tool :frowning: