Good bye

Well yesterday I uninstalled my game.
mainly as my personal life needs more attention at the moment.
other reasons are just not worth mentioning as the game is still in alpha!
i just wanted to say bye and have fun guys OH AND TRY TO BE NICE especially to the admins there tryng there best with what they have and you blaming and bikering towards them does not make it easier for them.
They work hard to get the game to work for you and thats ther entire day taken up by it so unlike some of you that means no social life its work server and bed and redo everyday just to make your game fun. be patient with them they are just like you at the end of the day.
AND BE NICE TO ONE AND OTHER its only a GAME dont take it personally .
oh and one more thing READ THE RULES may help admins out in the long run.
have fun guys
see you around
Andrea PKA Logging Out!



Wish you and your family the best! Im sure we will meet again in time.

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