Good fight on armageddon

Didnt get a chance to say it last night due to my crash to desktop, but I thoroughly enjoyed my 10+ hours fight with zc, op4, wkn, war, and lol all invading armageddon and the Trader gold mining complex. Was unfortunate that more couldnt be online when the final push was made, but fun nonetheless. All but one of our bases are still standing, with op4 and company crawling all over it this morning, I am guessing looking for loot and the core.
However, we will be transitioning out of the LoT valley today. It has been a blast, but at a certain point between the non stop drama, and the last minute raids I realized that we were all spending more time repairing and prepping than was profitable. And no matter how many zc/lol bases we kept smashing, you guys would come back an hour later and plop another one. So kudos for the tenacity, and good luck finding our core :).

Oh and for the love of god can we be civil about this one? I know its a moot point asking, because colin and company will non-stop be crowing about how we “ran away like on ice world”. But please refer to my previous statement. After more than a week of attacking, and a solid hour in our base with none of us online and sniping our turrets, and only pka valiantly trying to hold you back in hv’s, the valley still stands. Albeit no longer open for business as a safe harbor in the storm for traders seeking fortune. At the most we will be using it in a similar manner to the LoT FOB on neptune: a landing pad and meeting point.

Oh for those wishing to see how the week long battle went, and especially for those who want to claim that we in some way exploited, feel free to check out the recordings at


Thanks man it was great fun, Thanks to all the factions that attacked us it felt like the whole server at once :slight_smile:

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