Got attacked in warpzone [EU]

Hello, yesterday dQgnflua posted thread about it but I couldnt provide details at the time.
The story:
I was going to do 3 quick jumps from Elemental Marketplace to Donare West and I actually got caught in Sierra Nebula. I warped in , screen was still whitish when I saw shots coming my way. It was coming from far, maybe behind or the side. I fastly switched ON my turrets on control panel and after that I was already under heavy fire. Tried to speed up and lock to my next jump … however I was already dead.
See image for logs
19:17 Im in Elemental and 19:18 was under fire. 19:21 and Im already dead 7 times.
Stayed in space and was getting killed over and over again until I hit Fresh Start (big mistake). My ship name was “A friendly trader” :stuck_out_tongue: and enemy was [TAS] Trader, also checked the name of player and it was Gyapot . Since logs says that the player was Nikola Tesla so maybe he was pretending to be that guy haha.

I stayed in elemental market for a while and got bunch of logs there but I couldnt find if Tesla or [TAS] Trader ship was in elemental market so I dont believe we jumped here at the same time

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Can you provide any input to this report? If you’ve got a side prior to Jascha scrubbing logs, could help shed light and avoids the extra work.

@Edgaras can you confirm this was EU? Try not to make admins guess in your details. This is much better than the initial report, but can you confirm?

Thanks for some more infos.

Well I guess that was one in a time:

The time you see is when both of you entered the Orbit from EM.

You both managed to jump at the same time from the same Orbit and landed next to each other.

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All clear then. Thanks