Got negative balance somehow

What happened:
=> I was selling goods and some of them didn’t buy. I wanted to take them back, but i couldn’t and also got a enormous negative balance (-4,461,975,800,217,890,000.00 cr)

Player(s) with issue:
=> White_Dragon

=> EU

Time (cb:time):
=> 02 July 2020 15:25

=> ECC

Structure Name(s):
=> -

Structure ID(s):
=> -

How can we help you now:
=> Can you please fix this bag?


sorry for that. Its a game bug. Maybe @RexXxuS we should really turn that ingame marketplayce off
I also refunded the tax you payed.- Make sure not to stay in taxable orbits.

Thank you very much!

i admit is has its issues but I think it could bring exploration & PvP opportunities by having rare items hosted at low prices to encourage others to see what’s out there.

Bob you have to consider. This thing with negative balance actually happens quite often. And on top of that anything bought from that market you have to pickup with in xx time. Many people lose items that way. And then there’s no logs for the admins so they can’t help with it.

If I only knew how to turn it off… will check the gameoptions.yaml

could you restrict the block from spawning?

@RexXxuS it is in the gameoptions.yaml
“EnableTrading: none” should shut the Eleon trading off completely.

The correct syntax isn’t in any of the example files, but I found bug reports from 2018 where setting it to “false” caused errors but setting it to “none” worked. So unless they changed the syntax since then it should be “none”.
Link to report.

The issue is, what happens to all the items that are currently already in the Eleon trading system once it gets changed?


If it’s throwing out negative numbers all the time though it sounds like we don’t have much of a choice but to disable it.

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Yep, I would make an announcement that everyone pulls out his deals.


None doesn’t work either.
I can still trade stuff


Do marketplace stations spawn randomly around the universe?
Or only in the center of the universe?

I tested it for ECC - fool I know.

But all random generated stars have Eleon Vanilla POIs - trading stations. Double fool.
But ECC is the hottest, so it would help if I remove it there at least.
It doesn’t help overall though

I know there’s a limited amount of POI’s.
Would it be possible to point out which POI’s have marketplaces manually, and then update the blueprints they spawn from so they don’t have marketplaces anymore?

Sounds like a good question for Eleon then. I’m guessing they changed the syntax/wording at some point and never bothered to put it in the example files.

It definitely used to be possible to turn it off, and it would be pretty foolish for them to remove the option to disable it. (Not that they don’t do plenty of foolish stuff…)

On second thought, they may have stupidly tied it into the NPC trading as well and then prevented it from being disabled. It’s hard telling with Eleon sometimes.

Okay, I did some more digging and testing and I “think” I’ve figured it out.

EnableTrading: All
Allows both trading to NPCs and to other players.

EnableTrading: player-to-player
Allows only trading through the Eleon trading system.

EnableTrading: player-to-NPC
Allows only trading to NPC traders.

No option to shut them completely off it seems, which would have disabled the NPC traders anyways.
So it seems like you would want to set it to “EnableTrading: player-to-NPC”

If that doesn’t work then Eleon has it completely screwed up and they changed things without documenting it at all, in that case they are the only ones that could help here.

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Thanks for investigating mate!

It’s a mess for sure.
Be it sometimes (player-to-NPC)

or be it “does not work in MP but in SP”.

It all does not help so there is only the ugly Plan B left:

Making them a “NPC Dialogue” removes the ability to use them as trading station.
So there is only one option via the GUI left:

And since that is still available you can still:

  • Abort your own traders
  • Buy stuff from others globally
  • You can’t create a new offer anymore though
  • The Wanted offers from you are gone though

So overall a solution with relative good outcome. Nevertheless a shame.


So, the NPC faction traders in various orbits, why were these affected ? i never used the wanted/for sale options, just spoke with the NPC trader themselves, unless im missing something? please fill me in :x

? Why do you think it’s NPC Traders?
I speak only about the Trading Station device. The red console thing.

NPC Traders are not affected and still around.

Well sorry but correct me if im wrong i noticed some traders didnt reset their list, for example, Polaris Trader X in Y orbit has no more Large Matrix room to sell to. I could be wrong id need to test again.