Got no RPs for my ACs

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened:
=> Alien Containers are gone from my inventory, but i got no RPs for them, waited over 40 min, relogged, no RPs…

Player(s) with issue:
=> marko028

=> EU

Time (cb:time):
=> ca. 08:42h

=> Atlantis

Structure Name(s):
=> - - -

Structure ID(s):
=> - - -

How can we help you now:
=> get the containers back or add their value to my BP pool

Explain first please where you got 1105 Alien Container from.


from 8 to 18 pcs per each trader on ECC/Racom (3 of them), several times a day with different results, sometimes got lucky with trader reset in short time, few from Triolith each day, few from POIs, mostly from ([Aln] Unknown Artifact), some from trading, not to forget daily logins…and all that x2 for 2 servers…i get from 40 (very bad luck/timing) up to 120 pcs of yellow PCs and up to 4/6 pcs of each faction/Origin ones per day from ECCs only on both servers…

if i trew away my epic, i would be at the same amount i think!

Dont suspect any thin here, only allot of griefing :wink:

if he followed the daily on oth servers, thats 155*2 only there!

So each day you got those container? When was the last time? Or did you get the last days also each day a lot of container? Since when do you store them?
I mean why 1k container now at once and not while you got them?

Some days 20-30 and some days well over 100, depends on how much time did i spend playing and luck (was on sick leave and forced vacation for over a month now, to much free time + insomnia = lots of Empyrion/7dtd play time). They war planned to be sold but i calculated that i will make just enough credits from Bank interest until season end for OCD 7 (which was my goal for this season) and that they are worth more to me as RP over credits.
Most that i did get in one day from ECC only (that i remember) was around 170 containers in 24h - all the traders on both servers had full inventory of between 12-16 containers first time and 5 of them 10-16 second time + 10 from Triolith…
When you count in the ones from daily login, POIs, traded in and bought (i did get few hundreds from Market with low, possibly wrong set price - not my fault - few weeks ago).
In last few days it is way less - i started working again…check my activity on Steam - even that i am working for few days now i still have almost 7h a day average of playing Empyrion in last 2 weeks…
And even if i did get all of them on a “bad way” i am quite capable of pulling it off better (using them in smaller batches of 20-30 pcs few times a day in several days time to not raise suspicion from you guys)…there is difference between being crazy (that i am) and stupid…

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We have to move this unfortunately to a PM for now…

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