Griefing and cheating report?

The faction named CAZADORES (Hunters) has being trolling/griefing me for a couple of days since I raid them and stole one of their ships (I was in their faction)… the main reason I stole all of his stuff was cause they were cheating/exploting the game, they never spend BC cause they exploit the game, let me explain: They place the bc in the warp tank and before pressing the “K” key they count to 3 and at the same time the pilot press the “K” key the other person take the BC away from the warp drive and they never have to find BC. Whats the point of doing that?? I mean it takes all the fun of the game.

They get angry and start griefing me all my stuff CVs and base, some days when I join I found my cv in other place from where I place it before log out. and things like that (all this in pve areas). Other days they do things like this:

But major reason was that when I say to friend of mine (the owner of the new faction that I am) I say to him: "Hey I have a lot of sathium in my old home I can go to crimson and take it back… Well when I get there I found my home in this way:
What im gonna do each time they do this?? filling the whole with the driller? thats a pain in the #$%

But not only that, they stole my sathium too, they probably do it cheating or exploting the game.

Here is a video of them griefing/trolling me:

I just saw a picture of a base with a pool, and a video of some goofy guys and a badly organized p menu…

Same here. Was not sure what looked wrong other then the guy visiting your hangard.

OH. And a guy admitting to stealing from his former faction before leaving. So there is that.

/raises eyebrow
Whats that about bc’s? :japanese_goblin:

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