Gripes with the direction HWS is taking

Take these gripes as you will, but I do not like this new map, it neither facilitates gameplay, nor will it help to ensure PVP play.

Lets be honest here, if you want PVP gameplay, then you need to make resoureces easilly accessable, as to make the loss of a ship less impactful. Lets put it into a real world example:

If you have a million dollars, will the loss of 1 dollar a day be hurtful, or ten thousand?

Scarcity of resources works great for games building markets, but if your core gameplay is built around imagination of design (as emperyon is), then you need to have a high level of available resources. Thos complaining that this negates the point of PVP, only seek to troll other players.

To put this another way, look at your server population. Instability is costing you players, not all of this instability is your fault, you cannot control core game mechanics, and I have not blamed such issues upon HWS (because that would be wrong). That being said. HWS is bleeding players on all ends.

New players rarely stay long, because their introduction to the server is like being born into hell.

Builders don’t stay long, because of the instability of finding resources.

Pvp players are leaving, because they cannot find people to fight… So they pick on the hard core PVE players who endure your hellish environments as the best form of gameplay.

Pick what this server is to be, and embrace it. PVP = lots of resources. PVE market driven = scarcity of resource, but PVP becomes real piracy with gate camping as the only meaningful way to catch players (like in EVE online and why I left the game). Or PVE man vs nature (your best bet), but once again, lots of resources, and little meaningful PVP.

As for Taxing space? I advise that you then have regions of each solar system for untaxed parking. A radius around your Admin stations, otherwise people will just not have pvp ships. A tax on space, is a tax on PVP, and that kills PVP play for me.

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I did spellcheck your title a bit. Grips is a word, but I dont think it was the one you were looking for.

Well @Lokiet here is the thing. I welcome feedback, I really do. Even if it is mixed with sarcasm, hate and what not.
But especially you like to overdo it from time to time.

For example the BP Class system. You complained almost two days non stop everywhere you moved along how shit it is, what shit it is to rebuild your stuff, how shit it is on HWS to have limits, how shit everything is.
But hey, yesterday after the update you posted something like

[MWG] Lokiet - yesterday at 3:47PM
Surprisingly, the change over (if it ports from single player to multiplayer in the same manner) doesn’t affect my ships a whole lot

Woah, really?!? No shit sherlock!!!

It’s not only you but recently something I really start to hate. People complain and cry and scream without having 1% clue of what is going on or maybe TRY things first before doing that shit what consumes amount of time to even read it.

Keep this as a feedback for you please.

So let’s see here:

Ok, let’s be honest that starter planets have more than enough resources and I didn’t hear one complain about lacking resources on starters. 7 days are more than enough time to leave. Mix this with complains like “uuh, HWS is too easy. Shit you get everything straight from the start, mimimi” and you get this answer. Let’s move on:

What instability are you talking about? Hardware? Software? Game features? Server Rules?
HWS is not a 0815 server. Things are always changing, adapting to the meta. Adapting to the whole environment of the game.
If you loved the global BP Class limit of 3 and call it now instable that we moved to Class 4 - well sorry, move on.
“Bleeding players” in terms of that we don’t have 177 players anymore? Yes, it’s true but also understandable and not overall killed by the argument we are doing a shit job.
Empyrion in general suffered from a regression

That is a point, yes. HWS has a steep learning curve. And even the millions of guides, tutorials, words and what not are sometimes even willingly ignored. I really don’t know why people for example ignoring the Black Hole wipe, raging and insulting me even though every hour a fat big red warning coming in global (cb:nextwipe) and as soon as you enter Black Hole a big fat red warning comes into you face. Still they ignore it.
I think I give up here and the reason is to become a 0815 server - sorry, no.

That is what I tried in a first step with HWS 6.X.X as good as I could without full wipe. You visited all perma PvE planets yet? You saw the change? You saw the new Rheinland planets and their values? Again you try to complain with or without proofs?

Discussed this already. Not 100% sure yet if this isn’t a bad compromise for a better goal long term. But since I don’t want to make EGS Stealth for free I might check specific playfields and do it in general more dynamically.
But sentences again like “this kills PvP” is not true at all. It is one aspect of many and parking in PvP space has nothing to do with PvP (person versus person). Really annoying to read this generalized statements all over the place.

Overall thanks though. I take every feedback serious - sometimes too serious I guess.


Hmm not sure what to say I see things from both points of view. One thing that did stand out.

Can this server cater for Building and PVPing? I think this has been answered already with the limits so yes people can and do build but they are limited it just means you have to build wiser. So the answer is PVPing. I kinda think this gets a bit lost sometimes when changes are being made. @RexXxuS what is this server? It cannot be everything even though you try your best to cater for everthing. I think at some point you will have to decide.

Glad I am not @RexXxuS I don’t sleep much now but if I was in his shoes I would have committed suicide by now. Or just closed it all down and hid under a rock.

Once upon a time HWS had a PvE server along with EU and NA. It was empty.

If I understand Rex correctly what he would like is a smooth blending of PvE and PvP. This is a very
hard thing to accomplish as both tend to be on opposite ends of the spectrum. It wont happen overnight.

Players will need to be separated without actually feeling like they are. PvE players will want a place to
go where wealth is status. PvP players will want to have a place where there are no laws except force
of arms and the will to use it.

Perhaps the answer is Sanctuary Server. It should be where trade occurs. Resources can only be obtained
by negotiation with the donor planet owners. Turn everything PvE including Donors limiting them to common
resources. This means you must goto either EU or NA to acquire rare resources. The rarer the resource the
further you must travel into PvP.

This seems to be the general direction I THINK Rex is heading. But we all seem to complain with every change
so perhaps he’s taking it in steps. If this is his end result I’m liking it very much.


Rexx, replying to each point would generate a wall of text which neither of us would want to read, and sound like a rant, so I’ll try to condense it as best as I can.

When I speak about instability, I speak about major changes between major updates, such as changing the map twice during the 6 universe. I can understand the necessity of the first change, the server had major problems which the change fixed. With this second change, there was no communication as to the precise necessity of it. Necessity as most people define is game breaking, not a desire. Now that you have shorter seasons (2-3 months), this was the time to do such a map change (personally I would still have advised against it).

As for blackhole, you do a great job at warning people, so much so that I ignore the message most days, but know not to leave anything in that system. You cannot help the helpless, and while the tool you do provide relies upon the player using chat commands, most people are lazy and rightfully should lose their ship. That said, might I suggest that the message have a count down that reads (insert hour, minutes) until the next wipe when you enter the system? I think this might help with the problem. Maybe, otherwise the helpless cannot be helped.

On a related note, I think most people do not bother looking before posting, because they have grown use to HWS making the game harder with every change, detracting from PVE (POI’s are too hard on most of your planets in my view, I’ll get back to that later) in favor for PVP players. The language you use when explaining your changes is very demeaning toward PVE play, almost to the point of resentment. This is why so many just assume any change is to hurt PVE.

As for your POI’s, given that this is a PVP server, your POI’s shouldn’t be insanely difficult to beat, especially given that the perception of the server has become one in which PVE is something shammed on this server. Further, unless you are part of a major group, you have locked out PVE play from most small groups. I had not seen PVE structures (POI’s) on any PVE planets not privately owned. Given the fact that resources are so scarce, the difficulty of fighting POI’s (especially on your server) POI hunting on a PVP planet will only leave the hunter stranded as their ship is destroyed by a PvP player who would wisely first destroy anyone’s means of escape… Before hunting them down and killing them while they are locked between the POI on one side, and the PVP player on the other.

As for taking anything I say as a personal insult… I haven’t insulted anyone, the game isn’t worth it and I do not own this server and so cannot throw personal insults at anyone who runs this server. I do criticize what I believe are mistakes, and I am very vocal about speaking up. Perhaps it is the difference in culture and language used, as living in the United States requires one to grow a thick combat armor skin. Having worked both in white, and blue collar fields of employment, communication needs to be quick, and brief as to move onto the next topic of discussion. So pleasantries are forgone for communications between close family members and not business, or professional relations which is what you and I share (we are not blood, nor are we war/drinking buddies in real life). But my best advise to you with this regard, is to not take the words of others to heart, as a personal attack upon your person. No one here, knows you personally well enough to insult you and any such insults given should be thought of as the angry cries of a child.

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People complain so often, because there is no stability in the server. The best example of this is Ju, and Xion, why were the resources that were on Ju taken away? What good reason was there in this change? This is what makes people upset, when there are no reasons given for changes, which now force people to adapt in a server that has a history of doing things for no good reason.

People adapt to nearly any condition, but people cannot adapt to never ending changes. Instability only favors the pvp player, because good PVE commands thoughtful thinking about resource allocation, rather than raping and pillaging the sheep. I won’t engage in PVP actions unless I have between 3 and 10x the resources needed to replace said ships.

Why? Because I am an Eve online pvp player. This means that when I go to war, I have my entire fleet nearby, and as soon as I die, I get the next ship, and the one after that, and the one after that. Why? Because if I go to war, the objective must be worth fighting for, otherwise why go to war?

The majority of the POIs aren’t difficult. In fact most can be done solo without any deaths.

Poi’s are in a great position, they are not too hard at all if you mean too hard as in cannot complete them without dying then that’s normal you are men’t to die a lot.

The topic about mineral abundance being needed for pvp is rubish, a good pvp sv can be made from a few minutes of mining on starter planet + buying a few neo/sath/ere/zas from market place.

Also the comment about no place for builders is also none-sense, when you start the game as a beginner you tend to build bigger and bigger and bigger and as you get bored of that you condense everything and build smaller again optimize it and test it out find faults optimize again, it is true that this server doesn’t allow people to build huge things but that’s fine as people can do that on creative and share those creations with people and as they start to advance a bit then the server starts suiting them more so those people that leave and play elsewhere will eventually come back when they are better.

As for not having 177 people, I really don’t see the problem. When the server was at 177 we where having endless problems, so the way it is now is a breath of fresh air for the people that are still here.

Tax, its avoidable if you try hard enough, its manageable if you build enough wealth for your self, and if you really must its completely unnecessary to even worry about it, there was a few month period where I played with 0 credit and it made 0 difference as everything that can be bought can also be obtained through other means and any debt you accrue can all be deleted with a simple cb:reset sure you will loose levels but everything else you can shove into ocd before hand.

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