Guardian Alliances - Uranus

There’ve been a few mishaps recently with my base gunning down passers-by. Some of you may not be aware but all Guardians are not now allies by default. You have to manually set alliances by requesting one using your factions tab/button. If engaging in any activity within range of my artillery turrets i’d suggest you contact me / request an alliance first.

Daddy Stu I realize it may be a pain but atleast once a week if you could send out an alliance request to all guardian and trader faction, it would go a long ways. That way it is on them if they do not accept. We had the same problem on trader world, everyone kept assuming it was on other factions to ally with them, so no one did any allying. Everyone needs to just take 5 minutes and send out all the invites. If someone refuses or doesnt respond in a few days, post it on forum or global.

I’ve also created a post aimed at all guardian factions, I sent alliance requests to all alliance factions earlier, my faction is G G - guardians guardian send us an alliance request I won’t be on till later now however.
You can also add your faction details to the post I created to increase your chances of alliances.

Hi McProuty. I send out requests to Guardians almost everytime I login. Those factions with members online. I’ll do the same for traders. Blackvortex - I saw your post but i’m on EU server - my fault - should’ve been more specific.

No worries. Just a bit of advice to make it run smoother, regardless of which server you are on.

Ahh no problem bud well if you ever feel like a change of scenery the NA server in my opinion had the better community at the time atleast. I started on EU but warped over and been here ever since lol

We have had similar incidents (RPA) we have just moved to the planet and set up and our defence grid seems to be chewing up passers by that haven’t allied yet. I would like to suggest a list of all factions on the planet so people can make sure they ally with the necessary factions, but this then publically advertises where people live.

Also if any of our allies wish to set up within the safety of one of our grid towers they are welcome to do so for protection.