Guardian Uranus planet questions

i seem to have had my base wiped out on Uranus, what i dont understand is it appears to have been done by Guardians.

I thought we are not suppose to wipe each other out if in the same Origon?

im not bothered by the losses but i am really confused by the rules, it seems like its a free for all if i am getting wiped by my own Origon.

please help me with some clarification on this…


As mentioned somewhere else the Origin system is the option for you to play together as an alliance. But you need to create this alliance with others first.
Otherwise it is free for all, yes. As you can also see in the story… old alliances are history… But regarding these planets only these Origins can enter. So this is a special opportunity to take revenge for this kind of backstab to your Origin!

Have fun.


Yesterday morning I personally sent you an alliance request several times and messaged you on chat. Your base was taken out because it had attacked several alliance members and heavily damaged their ships. (kudos to you for designing something that could do such damage in short period of time) After consultation with them, they informed me they had also sent you alliance request and it appeared you were just ignoring them. It was necessary to take the base out because of this. However if this was not your intent, please accept an apology from me on behalf of all of us and I’ll be happy to give you mats to get you back up and running.


definetly not my intent.
i accepted at least 4 alliance requests and i sent out alliance requests.
i did notice that some alliances were gone and i resent the requests.

being the holiday its very possible i missed the chat messages running around the house.

i am back on the starter so i will try to get alliances setup agian and try to reestablish on Uranus agian.

my goal is to help with Guardians protect our planets and add to the overall value of the Origin.

(side note: i am suprised that base did anything tbh, i accidently made the wrong blueprint that base was for PVE not PVP.)

Thank for the offer of help i will be fine just dont want to go through another base wipe if it can be avoided.


Well I will send you another invite. Be advised they only work when members are on. If you send them out and UMC is not on and then you log off, the invite will disappear. I’ll be checking periodically to see if you are on and send you an invite. Also please accept a small donation from me as reparations.

GoG Personally has our Turrets Offline atm. A glitch happened, it removed a lot of Alliances. And it could happen again. I don’t want my friends being blown up by our base simply flying nearby, i recommend everyone on Uranus do so.

Please correct me if I am wrong, but it was not a glitch. They intentionally removed all alliances so the only ones you have are the ones you make from now on.

Even the ones I had made manually were wiped.

… and open ourselves up to attack by those with ulterior motives?

If I fly near a base that shoots at me I fly away quick as possible. I had my landing gear/fuel tanks shot out by someone yesterday (OGA/OKA or something like that)

Likewise my base shot down a few PAK ships when i was AFK.

The playfield seems very small too which increases the chances of encountering others.

Please change the name of the planet, getting so hard to take that place seriously when everyone is cracking ‘your anus’ jokes every 2 seconds lol.