Guilty Justice


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How it works

Becoming Guilty

With Season One, the possibility of being labeled ‘Guilty’ introduced a whole new dimension of gameplay and it’s a feature found only on HWS ! There are now undesirable consequences and conditions for players who (role)play the evil & chaotic side. Both law-abiding and lawless playstyles are valid choices that make gameplay much more enjoyable for all involved. When villains are caught committing crimes or acting in a vile manner, they will be labeled ‘Guilty’. Less dramatic but equally certain, when players who normally work together instead attack each other, they may also earn Guilty status. See Origin descriptions for details. Once a player is deemed ‘Guilty’, their general location will be broadcast to the Hunter Board for all to see – EVEN IF THEY LOG OUT. If the posted bounty is high enough, the Guilty player’s estimated coordinates will be posted !

Players can earn fame and fortune by hunting those on the Hunter Board. Different origins gain various benefits & take different penalties for hunting / being hunted, but one thing is certain: It’s a bounty hunter’s Dream out there.

Check the different Origins for details regarding punishments and rewards for ‘Flying the Guilty Flag’.

General Info

  • Players can be rewarded up to 10 times per day for guilty kills. (limit prevents exploits)
  • With the exception of the Alliance RP punishment, players MUST have the proper Origin Epic / Enhanced Weapon in their inventories to gain RP.
  • The Hunter Board is visible only on HWS Connect and it gets updated every minute
  • The coordinates on the website are somewhat randomized: They vary a maximum of 3000 meters in space and 1000 meters on a planet.
  • Only if the victim was guilty and had a 10 million bounty on his head he will lose his guilt on death
  • Structures which are not controlled/piloted by you or your passengers do not trigger the RP / Guilty system. (manual fire only)
  • You can kill the same guilty guy repeatedly, but you are limited to one RP bonus per day for that kill (prevents family farming)
  • If you are guilty you can’t enter PvE playfields (Supporter playfields included)
  • If you are guilty your position is leaked in HWS Connect > Hunter Board
  • Lose 5 RP as soon as you become guilty

EGS - Not Guilty

Visit or check your PDA > Guide > HWS Commands or type egs:? for all available commands

Yes, EGS offers private… services for the shady types who’d like their records to be altered - because who here has never committed any crimes?

Becoming guilty can be a drag. It is tattooed to your forehead and follows you around everywhere! Why not just buy your way out of it?

Using the EGS:NOGuilty command, you can have a clean record and be ready to hit the streets and space routes once again without those pesky hunters on your back.

Your Guilty status is removed if you die at the hands of Bounty Hunters or you can just buy yourself NotGuilty. We won’t call it a bribe. Bribe is such an ugly word. (suicide or cb:reset won’t help)


Buying your way out of trouble costs both credits and RP. Note: The more often you use the command, the more expensive it gets! So consider your options and credit balance carefully before purchasing your innocence.

First Usage Cost: 100,000 credits and 1 RP
Second Usage Cost: 200,000 credits and 2 RP
Third usage it costs: 300,000 credits and 3 RP
and so on…

This climbing expense resets when a new season starts.

General Info

  • You can use the command from anywhere
  • After you purchase NoGuilty, please allow for up to 1 minute for your position to be removed from the Hunter Board. It is not instantly removed from HWS Connect.

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