Guy didn't get his daily loot

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What happened: He didn’t receive his daily loot
Player(s) with issue: Sephroh
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 10:45
Playfield: Write here
Structure Name(s): Write here
Structure ID(s): Write here
How can we help you now: So he claims he didn’t get his daily loot after claiming it. I asked if he claimed it during the loading screen and he said no he was already logged in. Will leave this up to the admin with full access.

The last time he got the daily loot was on 6th

So two things which are failing here…

He should reload the HWS Connect page and let me know if he sees a counter on the daily loot button.

I tested it myself and it worked.
Maybe due the server offtime

Thought I would just close this topic and give him my own daily loot, so as not to waste anymore of your precious time but felt it was necessary to document… So he claims that he did refresh the page and clicked to receive the loot and the counter on the daily loot button had reset after that, but he still didn’t get his loot…

Since it seems we have no way to prove this yet… I would advise to make a recording before claiming your daily loot, for evidence.

I will check this again. Need to know what went wrong. Tomorrow evening though