Halloween armor

Hello, I was wondering if there will be a new event soon to get armor like halloween? As this armor is very practical for a number of missions, it would be interesting for recent players and future players to be able to obtain similar armor in order to be on par with the rest of the server. Have a lovely day everybody.


I wouldnt be against something similar, but different. Part of the appeal of doing the event is having that option to get the armor depending on how much time you spend doing it. I have 12 sitting in OCD for a just-in-case measure, but I took quite a bit of time to collect the pumpkins to create those 12 armors, and in creating or opening up of making similar armor just disenfranchises those that spent that time. Epic armor itself is a luxury armor, its not easily obtained and works for 99% of the situations out there as long as its not broken.

So, to recap, I am not against new armors, but I am not for opening up creation of similar armors without the labor required to obtain those armors.

Hello, I am not saying that we should open the manufacture of such an armor without the necessary work relating to it, otherwise indeed it would be too easy. Not being on the server during this event I could not get it, that’s why I’m asking the question.

Привет. Где искать тыквы для брони? Где их можно найти?

Hi. Where to find pumpkins for armor? Where can I find them?