Hangar Door Nerf

Rexxus I have a great deal of respect for all you do here in HWS and that will never change. At the same time I do not understand why the exploits of some cause everyone to have to suffer. You have nerfed Hangar door down to a point they are a lot less than any blocks around them for all and that seems very unfair to your honest players. Already underground bases are out. Rumor has it the Anti Grief device needs to be on the surface not buried with your core, again rumor I have not looked into. Now the Hangar doors. Just seems that PVP gets thrown off balance because of cheating and exploiting and that is really unfair to the honest player. This was how HWS handled the Offline Protection issues in the past when it was disabled. At what point is HWS going to say enough with this abuse by likely the same people and start getting rid of the trouble makers instead of punishing everyone? Sure big factions could careless because they have the means to keep the fight away from the base doors. What about others that do not have that?

Now again Rexxus I have a lot of respect for you and all you do I know you try very hard but this is quite upsetting to see HWS again nerfing things to battle those that choose cheating/exploiting over fairplay. For those that feel what they did is not cheating I am sorry in my opinion exploiting is Cheating no way around that in my mind.

I hope others feel as I do and this can be rexamined but like the Offline Protection issue in the past I do not know if it will. This is going to cause me and many more to move on. Not so much because of the nerf but the simple fact that everyone suffers for those that caused this to be an issue to start with.

Also guys I know many of you have opinions of me but please keep them out of this. You want to rant at me PM me and leave it off HWS.

I thought it was the vanilla value.
I adjusted the values properly to Vanilla for now. Thanks for the headsup.

Our HWS values were still more than double - x3 the amount of vanilla.

I can confirm the anti grief module has to be on the surface. This has been heavily tested in the pvp planets.

If you could put it underground it creates an invincible base.

Ah ok well I am glad I said something. I was actually rethinking what I had said because I respect you so much. I hate to ever sound like I am disrespecting you or anyone in HWS. Also my base was build with a few Hangar doors over the entrance to renforce thing but not to expliot anything.

Of course it has to be on top of the surface. It took me weeks to figure it out with the Dev

Why not put a limit of 5, 10,15

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That would not be an invisible base just means you could never ever dig into the base all attacks would have to be on the surface. I mean come on after the turrets outside are down you can walk right in. Then it is a battle on foot for final control of the base. I would think for a base defense stand point and PVP stand point this would be preferred over digging down to the core with an HV breaching the wall and killing a player that can do nothing to you in your HV because Base Turrets will not work down there. Just seems unfair to the base owner that it is so simple to take any base. I thought it was about Player Vs Player but digging to the core and claiming victory is bypassing PVP.

Hey that is just how I see things. I would rather force the attackers to come in on foot and see if they fair as well in a POI style fight as they do in that brick they built to attack with. Betting most would then end up looseing the fight because without their brick they just would never win.

Rexxus would be nice if there could be one planet where players could do this. I think it could be really fun not just to build said base but to defend it. Taking a base should be a multi step process and forcing attackers out of their bricks bring in more PVP action. As it is right now find that AGD and you get to just dig out the core and it is over. Unless the BA has a massive room ungerground with a lot of HV down there to defend…Which in turn could create more issues with the turrets firing premature.

Again folks my opinion nothing more.

Invincible not invisible. AVE already had an invincible base on GG. Im not going to say how its done as i don’t want more people to try it.

Like Rexxxus said its on the surface for a reason. Game limitations currently. No way around it

There is always a way around everything, therefore my thoughts could be an idea for the future to further earn the take over of a base.

Sorry about the typo happens sometimes. No one is perfect even when we are close.:sunglasses:

Also GG is a whole other thing than say your basic PVP planet. I enjoy building bases I know would be a challenge to defeat me in. I do not do underhanded things like put the core far away from the base or even bury it in CS so you never get to it. Seems if Eleon would create something where for bases the owner has to actually touch the Core somehow every so many days then burying the core issue would be resolved.

Despite what some might think I do have some hours in PVP but for HWS I see too many arguements after every battle and I do not wish to get stuck in that. This is on top of running alone so resources are slow to get. There are always people I will just not like. Overall I am just trying to add ideas to improve PVP. Many do not like PVP because they too can see all the arguing that comes from it. Many adults do not wish to get into that. Still people will sometimes be willing to do anything just to say they won. My thoughts are make it more of a challenge for them to claim victory and add more to PVP. Also this idea would bring purpose to the many traps with the trap doors Eleon has added. Right now those are pointless.

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