Have epic 'permanently' in inventory... meaning?

So I want to buy epic weapon to get RP per day. The guide says you have to have it ‘permanently’ in your inventory. What does that mean exactly? Everytime I die (corpse looted, weapon no longer in inventory) I can scrap that day? I get no RP if I die even one single time on the day?
Also, inventory means hand slot only or does the regular inventory work as well?
Also, is it enough to equip (or put in inventory) the weapon shortly before daily calculations? (around 9:00 on UTC+1 right?)
Or are you actually expected to carry it 24 hours without ever removing it from inventory?

I am mostly interested to what extent deaths destroy your 7 RP daily from having weapon in iventory. As this applies to hunters and pirates (who will die often) I just can’t imagine the system being so unfair.

Please explain. Thanks.

Deaths are fine, just retrieve you backpack and get your epic, you won’t lose your bonus. You lose 1 RP per death though, so dying 7 times in a day will negate your RP gain. If you live in PVP and don’t have any faction members in PVE you will gain 14 RP per day at 9:17 am server time.

Thanks a lot hopskotch, that info was exactly what I was looking for.