Help for new players NA server

Hello ive been on earth since Friday and I’m now in a position where I can help other new players before I leave earth this coming Friday.
I’m more than happy to help with anything I can from food and resources to a lift or even an sv.
Look on the map for a public sv named free ships&supplies here.
Currently have 4 svs to give away, sadly they have had to be set to private as SWP seemed to appear when the ships were public but vanished when they realised they couldn’t get them :wink: (for new players only) if you woukd like one just ask me blackvortex, all ships are fully fueled and stocked with o2 also.
If you ask nice enough I may even produce a base that you can have also.
Tonight I plan to make a communal garden so people can help themselves rather than relying on the fridge being stocked.
Feel free to message me on here or in game if you need help :slight_smile:
Cheers guys and have fun


Well the communal garden is now up and running, there is a public base next to mine called communal garden+supplies to help you find where it’s located, this base also has two clone bays, medic bay and O2 station, so if you don’t have a base you can set that as your home :slight_smile: the garden itself can produce 21 cans of canned veg in one harvest.
I was gonna take some screenshots but my net just went down :frowning: typical lol, still gardens up and running plus a supply of t2 drills, t2 multitools and charges for both plus weapons and ammo, fuel and small O2 cans. Sadly I can’t supply anyone with ships till I’m back online.
I’d also like to say thank you to the guys that helped either by donating stuff or selling it very cheap, especially wildboy who was a major help getting to communal garden ready :smiley:

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This is a good idea but how you plan to do with the weekly wipes my friend?
As a suggestion craft this as a CV ( capital ship) and not as a Base and remember to never leave that orbit or you cant come back. Hugs there.

It feels like this would fall under the exception to rule 2.2;

“You are not allowed to come back. Only exception is helping …”

But, it also says;

“… and then only 1 SV allowed on planet. No CV/BA”

I doubt spawning a CV or BA and immediately handing it to a new player would break the “spirit” of this rule.

Again, rule 2.2 only applies if you leave the starter systems and come back again.

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I hadn’t considered doing this on a regular basis but tbh I wouldn’t mind, quite enjoying helping new players :slight_smile: but had two ideas off the top of my head,
I would need clarification if this would be ok from rexxxus.
Building a cv will mean I can avoid Mo days wipe but Friday the entire system is wiped.
A). Build a cv but request admin to warp it out with the system while I remain in the aystem, then on friday i request it be warped back.
B). I can speak to other players I know who may be willing to build a warp sledge so they can travel to the milky way to collect the cv and provide a lift to anyone who needs one.
Tbh I don’t mind just ocding blocks and devices that I can pull out again after a wipe to reproduce the base. After all it’s not like I need to physically mine the resources haha thanks to auto-miners, if I done this I could have all I need ready in my ocd recycle old base and also ocd the resources which can then be used again to build the next base so on so forth, which to me is also a good idea as I like to build lol :slight_smile:
I’d be happy to brainstorm some ideas and if rexxxus could clarify if I would be able to do this would be great too :slight_smile:

I you (or someone else) continue welcoming new players and at the same time gently convince them to go read the “HWS Guide” on the website, then i can totally see this server with 177 (max) players online at peak hours within a few months.

Not sure REX would love it, but Eleon certainly would =)

Haha I’m sure I can encourage people via chat and I can have signs up about the base or cv with the commands they me need also like fa:survival and even little hints and tips.
Dunno I think rexxxus and jascha would love the fact the server is buzzing with activity :wink:

:wink: Maybe an even more expensive server would be needed >.<

Well for 5.0 there might come a help with that… we will see :wink:

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Tagging HWS as “official” server(s) in the list feels like a logical step.
I’m surprised Eleon haven’t initiated a more “official” cooperation with HWS already.

I get the feeling Rex isn’t opposed to this idea lol :smiley: might need to get myself into creative later to design a cv for this pourpos. I can think about it while at work today and I’ll keep checking back here see if anyone else has had any ideas :slight_smile:

You know that Kurt has a Pyramid on Earth for this purpose, right?

Yeah I haven’t seen the pyramid this week tho and I’m sure kurt would appreciate a little help, might free up some of his time for other things :wink:

Meet Auxilio :slight_smile:


Well done buddy!! :beers:

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