Help my structures have been deleted suddenly

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What happened:
=> I haven’t logged on for a while but I was sure it was less than 15 days and now 4 of my structures are gone

Player(s) with issue:


Time (cb:time):
=> Not sure all structures deleted yesterday at the same time

=> Freelancer HQ Orbit

Structure Name(s):
=> Helix Orbital (BA), APOPHIS (SV), Deposit Gobbler (SV) and Equestris (CV)

Structure ID(s):
=> 1152799, 1214980, 2457668 and 2720981

How can we help you now:
=> I’d really Please like if I could have all this back it’s basically everything I Own. Im looking forward to playing HWS 12

Logging in isn’t enough, you have to physically touch each one for them to not be wiped

I usually do use and touch every structure when I login and play but what I meant by it is that I probably lost track of the time I was testing out Alpha 12 and now looks like it’s too late that’s why I’m hoping I can somehow have them back. It also did feel a lot shorter than 15 days

Welcome back @JRuSS3LL-JOHn

all of your structures were not touched 16 days, as you know yourself by now.

The restore fee would be too huge at the end of the season so I did it for free for once.
All restored now.

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Thanks RexXxus I would have been lost without all that. Not sure but maybe just lost track of the time and then was too late

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