Help please, lost stuff and SV

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened:
=> I lost all my stuff and my SV

Player(s) with issue:
=> Me

Time (cb:time):
19:20 aprox
=> Atlantis orbit

Structure Name(s):
i dont know, the starter SV that you can get with the egs command
Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
=> My question is, can i restart again in the server to get the starter pack and the starter sv again? or maybe can i get again my stuff and my sv? Thanks

Hello and welcome @Xtreme_Zunzu

with “lost all” you mean you died? How did you die?
Did you missclick “Fresh Start” on the death screen?

Cause your starter ship is still in Atlantis System as far as I can see.
Warped you to your ship at least.

Yeah i mean that i died, i was trying to find a planet for build my base, and in atlantis orbit an hostile structure destroyed me, and i clicked on the fresh start button cause i thought that i could get a new starter pack and a new sv but then i saw that i cant :S

Thanks for the teleport but i still got the problem, because there is a HWS Racom near my ship, who is killing me all time and i cant go to get my ship, i have to spawn into the racom but i only can stay there, cause if i try to go out it kills me, and my ship is like 700 meters away from the racom so i cant summon it.

Hey @Xtreme_Zunzu

sorry for the delay.
I see, you had a bad reputation towards Polaris.

I tried to warp your ship to you. Hopefully it’s not completely destroyed.
Otherwise, as others suggested in the other thread, you can buy a new one from others in ECC or cb:reset.