Help ship faction

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**What happened:**i left my 2 person faction on eu cross suver warp and left it on faction and the over member in faction is not admin can you make it mine agine plz and not get me taxed

**Player(s) with issue:**chief engineer


**Time (cb:time):**20:52 25/2/19

**Playfield:**crosssuver warp

**Structure Name(s):**do not take or move

**Structure ID(s):**30538592


**How can we help you now:**make it my privet ship agin plz thank you for your time i am so silly :frowning: been playing more than 700 hour on her .


no worries.
I changed it to private again.

If you get taxes, just let us know.

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thank you josha i did get tax

OK, returned the tax

thanks you

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