Help Track The Bug - Ship dissapperance after passing green barrier

Hello fellow players,

Lets pass some info to devs. I was asked to start this so we can gather as much information as possible and ask devs for fixing, so dont hesitate and describe your experience.

Sometimes, seems more common after passing green barrier, ship (SV usually i guess) disappears when player exits it. It appears like 3km away, player has to run to it, while many times SV appears back at previous place when player reaches it. Its a bit anoying.
Sometimes it helps to get through green barrier which is usually close and go back, that makes SV to appear faster than when running around 6km is used.

If you experienced something similar, and i know few of us did, please post here, what happend, what you did to fix etc.

Ok so me first, i was on GG, passed green barrier, landed near wrecked base, about up to 1km from barrier. Once i exited my SV it dissappered.
Sometimes relog solves this so i reloged with no luck. I marked my SV in registry, saw its about 3km away, but as i already know this one, i just run through barrier, got back and reloged again, after few secs my SV appeared on possition of dissapearance.

All credits goes to The Instigator, hope he wont mind:

Disappearing/teleporting ships. Happened to me three times in one day. Exited my cockpit and fell through the ship, which then disappeared. Annoying at best, lethal at worst. It took me 41 deaths to traverse Aetis as I hadnt the chance to change my boosters to deal with the conditions. 3.6km/41 deaths is about 90m for every death…that sucked badly. Seems to more of a problem around the area of the green curtain.

I’ve experienced the same several times, although not for a while. I think the first time it happened to me I didn’t have fuel on me so I couldn’t spawn a ship. Had to trek half way round a hostile planet to where the registry said my ship was, only to find the marker disappear when I got close and reappear where I first exited the SV :roll_eyes:. Since then I’ve learnt my lesson and always keep fuel and blueprints ready.

I’ve also noticed it seems to happen soon after I’ve gone through a green barrier. But many times I go though and everything’s fine :man_shrugging:. And yes also, if you’re closer to the green barrier than where the registry says your ship is, just go there instead as my ship has always reappeared after the transition.

It has happened to me few times also on other servers in the last few months.
After crossing the green barrier and leaving the cockpit, the ship is teleported to the last position at the barrier.
Then as soon as I get close to the position of the ship, it got teleported once more to the place where I came out of the cockpit.

This is starting to be anoying.

Just passed green barrier and went to sathium AMs. Right on deposit, no AMs there visible. Went back through barrier as i was already knowing whats gonna come.
Preparered recording, start recording, passed barrier back to see if AMs will be loaded. Jumped from SV but it stayed were it was. Ok i stoped recording upset that bug escaped again, collected AMs, and returned to SV.
SV disappered and its on other side of planet.

10/10 would kill the bug.

Position of Sathium AMs and barrier in middle of planet sphere

And my position to right, SV ported to west. Time to stretch my legs again.

P.S.: This time i ran to CV in north and SV appeared on right possition maybe after some time, next time ill just try to stay on its place.