Help! Warp crash issue

Hello, last night we had an internal error after/during jumping from Jupiter space to Peacekeeper 4. Checking the structure commander, it turned out they never arrived, and were even deleted!
Relevant ships/docked to it are:
Name ID Type.
Freya 5843058 CV
PewPew 5521003 SV
Hover Boss II 6045013
FullSized 5999041

Would it be possible to restore these vessels around O/W-879 Height 41 N/S 1309 on playfield Mercury? (Where it jumped from)
Or else Prediction O/W -2430 H 40 N/S -610 ?

Thank you,


They are at Peacekeeper 1 at 5500,5500,5500. You just have to dock the Ships again.
Please make sure to send the logs to the devs! They are waiting on it.

Thank you.