Hercules got deleted while warping with disconnect

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What happened:
=> while warping with new garage ship Hercules 27mil , first time disconnect , second time again lost connexion , but this time when i used the command :

cb:warprescue:17594786 i dont see my ship , when i look at registry ingame i dont see my ship , when i look at structure commander on hws connect it says deleted ??

Player(s) with issue:
=> Area51

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> 1:02am server time

=> warped from pandora to walla

Structure Name(s):
=> Hercules-51

Structure ID(s):
=> 17594786
How can we help you now:
=> pls return ship :slight_smile:

thx allready for your time


must be a false/positive I see your structure still alive on Donare System. but I see the time it said its deleted. I guess the system could not catch up with that playfield during that time.

Hi Jascha

ship is looking strange inside

will try to repair , maybe that helps …

You got a warp bug, that copied items form an SV onto your CV, and maybe opposite as well.
Just remove the stuff again.

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thx Dr.Dark , for now it seems all ok again

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